Knots & Tangles Help!!!

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I completely detangled and washed my hair 4 days ago. I wore it in buns the entire time and pineappled my hair at night covered with a satin bonnet.

Now, I can't even put my fingers in it. The roots are SO tangled!!! and forget running my finger through it. the length is tangled too.

Does this happen to anyone else? Is this normal? Its especially tangled at the crown and the front.

How often do people detangle?


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    Some bonnets can cause tangling and breakage around the hairline, depends on the band. Is it possible you have build up, so need to clarify or chelate, or that your shampoo is harsh so even your roots need conditioning?
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    I detangle with each wash which is normally at least twice a week. My hair mats like that too when I try to stretch too long between washes but I figure washing before it mats badly is better than risking detangling the mats out. There was just an article/blog post on curly nikki about this in December. I would give you the link but I'm on my phone.

    One thing I've recently (as in just last week) that seems to help is keeping my hair loose, spritz the air above your head with water, place a plastic cap carefully over your curls, and wrap a satin scarf over that. Tuck the scarf under the front edge of the cap to protect your hairline. I got this process from naptural85 off of youtube.

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    When I wear my hair in a bun for an extended period of time, it gets very matted and knotted. Instead of a bun, maybe try braiding or twisting.
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  • wyldcurlywyldcurly Registered Users Posts: 4
    Thanks. I don't think it's my bonnet. I'm not sure what is going on. But thank you all for the suggestions. I will definitely try to clarify. I co-wash almost 100% of the time, so that plus all the moisturizing products could've left buildup. Is it possible that I just tangle all the time? It's frustrating!!
  • CurlyCitaCurlyCita Registered Users Posts: 152
    Hey!! :) well i have never personally tried bunning my hair. It sheinks into tiny little curls. But i have tried putting my hair up in a ponytail and when i take it down, its a little knotted and needs detangling. I think because the curls are so close together they start to curl around each other...if thats makes sense. I degangle now twice a week. Once when i deep condition and again in the mid of the week when i cowash. I have 3c curls so they always seem to need detangling even though they are well defined. Maybe next time, you could leave the bun in for a shorter period so that u will have less detangling. Sorry about the long reply but i hope this helps somehow. :)
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    Ugh, I have dealt with tangles foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I noticed that the less manipulation, the better. Maybe a scarf and then pineappling would be better. I agree that braid outs might help better than a bun because braid outs can keep the hair separated (try it on damp hair, not dry) it might elicit more of the tangle problem.
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