Hair color and curl

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Does coloring your hair affect your curl?

I swore I'd never color my hair til I found gray hairs in my bangs.

Found em. :shock:

I think I'm gonna go with Robert Craig color, unless someone has a horror story....IF coloring my hair won't kill my already-ever-so-slight curl factor.

Any sea-gestions?

Thanks ladies!
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  • KaiaKaia Posts: 8,815Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I use regular drugstore dyes, and they don't change my curl pattern at all. I can't imagine RC affecting it since it's gentler than any drugstore dye.
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    I got really bad highlights last friday and it made my highlighted curls sag. This was not RC color :cry: I just dyed my hair all over with the RC color to get back to my natural shade so I just did it today. I actually just washed it out 10 mins ago and my curls look the same all of them look healthy, my hair is soft, none of them are anymore saggy than they were from the bad highlight job. I would try it, it corrected my color and left my hair healthy. I will never use another dye. I love RC :D
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    The more you damage your hair, the more it will relax your curl. My curl is a lot less than it used to be since I am in cosmetology school and have colored, foiled, etc in excess! *sigh* There's just so much fun stuff to try though! I did specifically ask about it in one of my classes and was told that yes, chemical processes of any kind will relax your curl.
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