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I've recently discovered the CG method and I started off by using Devacurl products (No Poo, One Condition, etc.).While my hair looked nice after about a week, it then started to become greasy and flat and my curls began to disappear. I've also tried Pureology products and while the effect wasn't as bad as Devacurl, it still felt oily and did nothing for my curls.

I've been reviewing the ingredients of the hair products that didn't work for me and discovered that they all contain glycerin, so I think I need to avoid glycerin in future. Could any of you recommend any good products that are glycerin-free? I've been recommended products from Kinky Curly, Jessicurl and Shea Moisture so far, so I'm thinking of trying them.

Also, I've attached an image of my hair after I had my first CG haircut. Could any of you tell me what type of hair I have? I think I'm a 2B/C, but when my hair is properly taken care of the ends are quite curly. In fact, my hair was curlier and felt healthier when I was washing my hair with a sulfate shampoo :(

I'm completely clueless about my hair and would really appreciate some advice about what to do with it, so any advice you have would be a big help :)


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    Your hair is soo pretty! I have heard that some people experience a transition period when first starting CG and it may be why your hair is greasy as your scalp adjusts. Did you clarify before you started? I just recently started using the CG method and this forum and I was completely overwhelmed at first. Then the more I read and learned, the more I experimented. Think I ended up going a little overboard and was paying more attention to products and ingredients as opposed to just listening to my hair and what it wanted. I have gone back to a very simple routine and I (and my hair) are much happier. Right now I am shampooing once a week (non cg) to prevent any build up as my hair is kind of towards the fine side. Then co-wash the rest of the time, use a ro, a tiny bit of li then apply product and diffusse. You can see all the products I am currently using in my signature. Good luck! You will figure it out! :)
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    Hi! If this is your first foray into the land of sulfate free shampoo or no poo, then the greasiness could be for a couple of reasons. While using sulfate shampoos, your scalp over produces oil. When you switch to sulfate free shampoo or no poo, your scalp may take a few weeks to adjust. My transition period was about 4 weeks. I just wore my hair up a lot and stuck with it. Also, the sulfates are no longer doing the dirty work for you, so make sure you are really, really, really scrubbing and massaging your scalp with that no poo. I also scrub and massage while rinsing the shampoo out.

    My other thought was that maybe your hair doesn't like the no poo. A lot of us wavies have to use low poos instead of cowashing or no poo.

    In the summer and spring, I typically use DevaCare low poo (not no poo) and One Condition. However, due to the dry winter air, I'm currently trying to decrease the amount of glycerin in my products. I'm using Yes to Cucumbers sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. For my styling products, I'm currently using Shea Moisture styling milk on my ends and flax seed gel all over, topped with a very tiny amount of Aussie Instant Freeze for hold. A lot of people have build up issues with the polyquats in Aussie Instant Freeze, but it doesn't contain glycerin and helps me out in the winter. The low poo usually gets the polyquat buildup out of my hair. Anyway, this combo seems to be working well for me at this time.

    good luck!
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    Looks like 2c to me, very pretty.

    Greasy from the roots or greasy down to the ends? If it is sebum build up use more no-poo, ensure you get to the underlayers, massage whilst rinsing, rinse for longer. I note you have a lot of hair: you may be best sectioning to wash and/ or rinse or even washing upside down.

    If greasy on the lengths could be build up of oils/ butters/ polyquats so you may need to shampoo: cocoamidopropyl betaine is CG friendly and clarifying in the right formula. Some wavies do better with low-poo either all the time or once a week/ fortnight.
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    I agree with fox about washing upside down. I have to do that to get the back and bottom of my scalp. I have a lot of hair as well and I just cant reach those areas if I'm standing up and washing and that's where my hair used to get greasy until I started doing it upside down
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    Thanks for all the advice so far, it's very helpful :)

    I've been sulfate-free for just over 6 months now. I used Devacurl products for the first 3 months and used Pureology for the final 3, so I don't think the problems my hair's been having are purely down to not using sulfate shampoos any more. I also didn't clarify before starting the CG method, but I may start clarifying once a month or so.

    My hair is only greasy at the roots, it's quite dry at the ends. From what I remember, my hair has always been dry and only started to build up oil once I began using Devacurl products. I've been using Kinky Curly Come Clean shampoo for about 2 weeks now and my scalp is gradually becoming less oily. It's also glycerin-free, so I definitely think the glycerin in the other products I've tried has built up in my hair.

    I think I need to do some experimenting with my hair to see what products and techniques work in the long run :)
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    Glycerin does not build up and it should not be greasy, it's a water soluble humectant (attracts water). Your build up sounds like sebum, some people have more waxy sebum that others which is tougher to shift if it builds up.
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    IIRC, some of Jessicurl products have glycerin in them, so you want to make sure you check the product labels.

    And I feel like Shea Moisture is hit and miss for some. I like the styling milk for a leave-in, but the smoothie was far too heavy. Some people like the low poos but others find them far too heavy as well.
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    You're right, I think sebum has built up in my hair. As you said, glycrin doesn't build up but I don't think it's good for my hair (with regular usage anyway). When I used No Poo, my lengths became really greasy, so maybe that was caused by a build up of polyquats. I washed my hair using Kinky Curly again yesterday and I don't have as much waxy sebum in my hair as I used to and my scalp feels a lot cleaner.

    I also know that some Jessicurl products contain glycerin, so I'll check the ingredients list before purchasing anything. I've used a few Jessicurl products before to style my hair before and they worked wonders, so I think the brand might be a good option. I'll buy sample sizes of the products first anyway.

    Also, I tried pixie diffusing my hair yesterday and it looks wonderful! I'll definitely have to get into the habit of doing it every time I wash my hair.
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    Jessicurl also has polyquats so if they build up on you watch the ingredients.

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