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I decided to go back to natural because I miss the fullest of my hair and I really love my natural texture....I only permed my hair because I got lazy. So my new journey begins... I don't plan on doing the BIG CHOP as of yet but I am tempted to because I actually love the faded look on me but I'll try this way until I can't take it no more...
Right now I am rocking a weave which is straight but I think I will start wearing more curly textured one now that I'm moving towards my natural state... :afro:

I would like to know if anyone knows of any products that help the transition to a more healthier state faster?


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    I don't know of products but I certainly felt like keeping my ends trimmed and healthy hair practices (dc, pt, low heat, etc) helped me transition faster.

    It may have also been that my hair was shorter when I began my transition- around shoulder length and that this is why I transitioned less time.

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    I agree with the previous poster. I feel that it is more so about healthy hair practices. One can have the best products money can buy but if the hair is not handled with care, it's not going to thrive.

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    I've just completed my full year transitioning (for the second time). Like you I was natural before but grew frustrated & lazy & I decided again to go for it last year.

    I'm a stylist & i've always been big on keeping up with trims.

    The things I would recommend during your transitioning phases that worked for me:

    Getting into a routine: I would wash & condition (or co-wash), apply a leave-in & apply moisturizer & my oil to seal. Then while my hair was still wet (i always leave my hair dang near dripping when i get out of the shower & keep a water bottle handle if part start to dry) I would section it off & prepare to style...

    Protective Styling & Wet Setting: After washing & doing what was mentioned above, I would to a halo twist, flat twists, bantu knots & apply some kind of product to help hold & set the hair & let is air dry over a day (or two). This kind of styling is good because it doesn't require direct heat, it blends the textures as your hair grows & allows you to re-wet & moisturize your hair if you needed to re-set it in a couple of days (I used to re-set mines almost every night).

    Extensions Extensions can be a best friend or an enemy. Some people leave them in to long & don't realize the lack of moisture to their real hair causes damage. I used to wash my hair under my extensions (weave/marleytwists) & wouldn't leave them in for more than two weeks. I found it necessary to take it out, give my hair a proper wash condition, detangle & moisturizing & then re-install.

    TRIM I can be scissor happy with my hair & when it came to transitioning it was hard not to chop my hair once i saw the curls coming in, but I knew i would've cried immediately after doing so lol. I would say trim your hair a quarter of an inch to half an inch each month as your hair grows. By the time your first year is over, you would have necessarily gained any length, but you should have retained your length (when hair is stretched) & most of the relaxed stuff should be gone.

    Low porosity // high density

    1 year transitioning & almost completely natural.

    Collar bone length hair when stretched; still learning the

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