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    I wish I could offer some solid advice, but I'm still struggling with this one too! :wink: I've gone from combing/detangling every single day (even when it was dry! I hate to think of how much hair I pulled out/broke while doing this!) - to only combing in the shower, while my hair is wet and saturated with conditioner.

    I've found that it doesn't get as tangled when it's dry if I don't rinse out all of my conditioner - but of course, leaving in too much conditioner will then make it limp and stringy. Sigh. A fine balance that seems to change everyday!
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    I comb. Usually just when my hair is at least a bit damp, but sometimes when dry. My hair ends up awfully straight after sleeping on it once or twice, and waves reform nicely if I comb it out and then smooth on some leave-in/water.

    I thought wavies were allowed to comb :roll:

    Not that I follow CG to the letter anyway....
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    Guano alert...sorry OP!
    how do you have your hair cut? Is it blunt or layered?

    It looks like (I'm hoping) mine will if I get rid of the thinned bit on the ends....(And I love your color!)

    I must be a closet redhead because I'm noticing everyone with red hair these days!

    (Wonder what DH would say?!)

    back to your regularly scheduled thread now...thanks
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    I do both. :lol: I usually use the no combing or touching rule after I wash and gel. Then the second day it will depend on if I HAVE any second day waves. If I do then I try to freshen them up with my spray, but if not I COMB them out to a body wave and figure out if I can leave it down or want/need to put it up.

    I comb before I go to bed the second night for sure. I need to scalp stimulation. Hope that helps! :)
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    Edited due to a cyberstalker. Sorry, guys. :(
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    I comb, but only after my hair is dry, so that it doesn't pull out the waves and leave those ridiculous flips at the ends! I use a very wide tooth comb, and haven't damaged my hair too much. I just look too messy and immature/unprofessional if I don't try to neaten it up a little.
    I think its okay for your hair, I don't think brushing is good though, unless your doing a blow-out for a change of pace.
    Good luck!
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    I tend to experiment a lot too! Since I went back to school this year, I really can't splurge on as many new products as I'd like, which is probably a good thing. :oops: (I still splurge on [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink], however!)

    My latest faves are the spray gel and texturizing gel in the Aussie Aussome Volume line, and I've been spraying and scrunching in a water-conditioner mixture, followed by the Aussie spray gel, for second-day hair. So far, so good!

    I'm also getting my hair trimmed for the first time in 5 months! When I called to make the appointment, I found out that my stylist is on maternity leave, so they've slotted me in with someone else - I LOVE my stylist and hate trying new ones (lots of bad haircuts in my past), so I'm a little nervous... :? I really only need a trim, though, so hopefully that doesn't leave too much room for error!
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    Edited due to a cyberstalker. Sorry, guys. :(
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    You know what? I cancelled! :oops: Not only do I not want to risk something awful (especially after growing it for so long), but I realized the other day that I actually like my hair right now and I've never had this much length while at the same time having a decent, curl-friendly haircut.

    I think I'll just let it be for the next little while and find a new stylist later if necessary.
    Currently loving the Aussie Aussome Volume line and re:coil!
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    I am doing sooo much better than I thought I would without combing. The only time I comb now is in the shower with conditioner in my hair. I then rinse briefly and flip, rinse w/cold, and turn the shower off. I then put in products and wrap in my CurlEase towel.
    I've had NO tangles. My hair loves me so much more these days!
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    I take showers at night, and wash my hair in the morning so I can style it (it's a mess if I sleep on it). I usually comb it before bed and in the morning before I wash, just gently.

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    Koukla72 wrote:
    I'm trying to work my way to being CG, or at least modified CG, but I have to know, how do the rest of you wavies deal with combing or brushing? Or not?

    I can see how it might not be such a problem for curlies whose patterns are more intense, but mine is pretty straight right at the crown, and there are those darn stubborn bits just behind my ears that want to stay kind of straight, and those are the parts that just end up looking tangly and ridiculous. I'm not doing too badly with the no shampoo bit, but this is getting to me. :(


    Combing always did pull out my waves and made them flyaway, plus it increased my frizz, which is problematic for me anyway.

    I use a wide-tooth comb in the shower. Sometimes I just use my fingers in both the shower and as I apply my product. One thing I've noticed with the CG routine is that I have to deal much less with tangles, even if I'm going to attempt 2nd day hair.
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    even when i'm out of the shower and sopping wet, if i brush it out it'll become completely straight, i now do the whole wide tooth comb in the shower too, i think it's a good idea
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    I comb condish through my hair a minute or two after I've applied it. I use to comb out the tangles before I rinsed, lately I've taken to combing while rinsing, works well for me. My brush hasn't seen my head since I found this website a couple of months ago, I'll probably never use one again.
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    I part my hair with a comb when it's wet, but if that's all I do, I have weird patterns form when it dries. Lately I've been doing this: After I remove my plopping towel, I use a plastic chopstick to get rid of any weird curls, bends, or twisted up strands. I slide the stick under the strange section and hold it flat, then drag it to the bottom. It smoothes the oddities out along the way, but doesn't comb and separate everything else along with it. I've been doing this for about two weeks now and it's worked pretty well.

    If I want second day hair, I try to comb out with my fingers, but sometimes I can't or is looks terrible after I do. When that happens, I comb with a wide-tooth comb and then wet my hair down completely with a spray bottle, scrunch in some new gel, and plop.
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    I comb my products through dripping wet hair, bent waist and then flip my hair back and part, comb and root clip.
    If I comb other than that, ever, I tangle, flatten and frizz, YUCKY.