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Well, that's really not too much of a question, but I've decided that this summer, and with my mother's approval, I can and will dye my hair. (My naps are just leaping with the idea of a cute new color.) Now which color, that is a bit of an enigma. Soo, what color do you think I should dye it? I was actually thinking myself either the color it turns (thanks to pool chlorine, my genes and the sun) during the summer, which is actually a medium brown, with reddish hints, kind of like an auburn shade. But, all my friends think a light golden brown would look nice. What do you think? Can you name any specific products either?

Hair photos are in my fotki=
haha, my ah-mazing hair journey..


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    Try the lt. golden brown because it's easier to go darker later than to go lighter once you've used a darker tint, besides it may brighten your face and bring out your eyes. You can probably get that using a Colorsilk in a dark golden blonde, it's mild and inexpensive so it could make both you and your Mom happy all at once, lol! Good luck and don't forget to post pics when you do it!
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