3bs: How Do You Style Your Hair?

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Hello curlies,

I am only a sometime visitor to the site, but really really need a new styling routine for my hair and I know you all will have some great tips for me. I have 3b, a little longer than shoulder length, low porosity hair and my basic routine is a no-poo (Suave Naturals as the "shampoo" followed by Tresemme Naturals as the conditioner) followed by finger-combing through with Ouidad Tress F/X. But here's the thing: I'm incredibly obsessive about the uniformity of my curls as well as eradicating frizz and puff (which I mostly get at the roots), so I basically end up finger-styling each curl on my head. Not only is this insanely time-consuming, but I also don't even like the way it looks on the first day--way too stiff and styled--but I do like the 2nd-day or even 3rd-day hair. And I also think that handling my hair so much like this is a bad idea in the end, producing the splits and frizz I'm trying to eliminate by smoothing it so much.

I think I need to get used to the idea of a little more puff in my hair or a less styled look, but I also know there are various tips and tricks and techniques you all use to get defined frizz-free curls, and I'd love to hear them--I am a complete newb when it comes to anything other than finger-combing through some product then finger-styling the curls. Can you please tell me what else I need to share about my hair type, and either refer me to some appropriate threads or share your routines here? Thanks SO much, and happy holidays!

- Lauren


  • LochinaLochina Posts: 22Registered Users
    Soooo no one's willing to share a preferred styling routine or point me to a relevant thread?
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    Hi, I see that nobody has responded so ill try to help :). When I first started this cg journey, I was super obsessed with each curl too. ( I have 3b, normal porosity, medium density hair). But like you said, it took forever, and while the curls ended up looking good, I don't know, it looked like I tried too hard, if that makes sense? Lol So, now I only finger curl the top layer, paying special attention to the front, and I of course apply products and scrunch it while its really wet, then i use a t-shirt to further define and remove some water, i do it really gentle/slow. I found that even if I don't finger-curl EVERY curl, it still totally curls and looks good. Also! Have you ever tried getting a spray bottle & filling it with water & a little bit of epsom salt? It defines curls SOO good. I spray it on after I scrunch w/a towel & it helps define & give body. Sorry this is so long! I hope something I've said has helped! Good luck ;)
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    i think if you just dry your hair slightly, with a curl towel, just so it is not dripping, but still very wet, and let it air dry rest of the way, it will be uniform curls. of course, since you are low porosity,it may take lots of time to dry.
    i think if you post this on the low porosity forum you might get more suggestions.
    btw, i've learned to live and love un-uniform curls. just like my hair curly and shiny, how the curls go is their choice! so now we live cooperatively, LOL!

    3a, some 2c & 3b, medium texture, porosity normal, low elasticity :-(
    washing/cowashing, conditioning, protein tx: curl junkie products
    leave in:curl junkie conditioners and treatments as leave in
    styling: curl junkie 
    sealants - jane carter nourish & shine
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    I don't come on here often and so I missed this. I know how it feels to need info, have questions and not receive answers. Many hesitate because what works for one person may not work for another. I look at several videos on YouTube, and then modify to my liking.

    I desire a chemical free routine so I look for products that are all natural. I also do not like "crunch" or oily hair, [which looks like a jheri-curl], and I don't do "protective styling". I did not go natural to bind my hair but so it could be free and a bit wild...like me!

    To co-wash, I apply coconut oil to my scalp, massaging as I go. Then I section my hair and coat each section with conditioner, finger combing as I go. I leave in for a few minutes, squeeze out in the shower, "lather" several times under water, and rinse. Since water is the best hydration/moisturizer, I do NOT dry my hair at all.

    While my hair is very wet, I coat each section with SM CH Curl and Style Milk, [as my leave in]. Then I coat my hair with SM CH Curl Enhancing Smoothie [Hydration]...and allow to dry. Afterwards, I "pineapple" and tie with a silk scarf overnight.

    I style by spritzing a mixture of "Purified water mixed with I tbsp KC Curling Custard".

    I get 4-day hair by this method...

    I de-tangle every night by sectioning my hair, spritzing it, then finger combing before either braiding or "pineappling" it then wrapping in a silk scarf. I finger comb to style in the morning. Doesn't take long at all.

    I have three different solutions which I alternate using to spritz with each night, "Purified water mixed with 1/6 cup SM CH Styling Milk", Purified water mixed with 1/4 cup Aloe Vera" and "Purified water mixed with I tbsp KC Curling Custard"...which I store all three in spray bottles in the refrigerator.

    On the 4th day I co-wash again, [my hair still looks good but I think it 's time to start fresh]. :love5:
    My hair is "exotic, beautiful and free",,,yeah, that be ME!!!
    3B/C - Easy to straighten, [no heat ever/no protect. styling].

    Low Porosity/Medium Density
    Mid Width/BSL-stretched/
    BC - 12/2012

    I am a "Co-Wash/Finger Comb Lady!
    Scalp Cleanser - SM ABS Purification Hair Masque
    Co-wash - Tresemme Naturals
    Hydration - SM CH
    Curl & Style Milk
    LOC - Organic Coconut Oil
    Styler - SM CH Curl Smoothie
    Deep Cond. - SM Yucca & Plantain Masque

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