How to get a quicker Braid out?

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Now that I'm home for Winter break, I've been doing tons of lounging. I washed my hair yesterday around 11am, ran some serum through my hair and put it in 2 regular braids. I took them out today at around 11am and my hair looks awesome and I wasn't even trying!

Now is there a way for me to get this result overnight? I've tried it before and it just ends up still wet and frizzy. I'm usually pressed for time in the morning and tend to do my hair preservation styles at night. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

Btw I have tight 3b curls that's long and big. This braid out also flattens my hair out a bit so it's not all over the place like usual.


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    I just watched a youtube video by naptural85 where she twisted her freshly washed hair, wrapped it in a t-shirt for awhile to absorb water, and left out to air dry until bed. She also put a satin scarf on while sleeping- this may be a good solution for keeping the frizz at bay on your braids. Hair should be dry in the morning.

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