Newbie here! What products have you been successful with?

craigcraig Posts: 5Registered Users
Totally new to the whole curly girl method thing. I'm a bit overwhelmed in trying to find products. My hair is a mix between 2A and 2B. My hair is SO damaged and dry due to excess flat iron use (which I regret.)

I would greatly appreciate hearing anyone's advice or own hair care routines.
Thank so much


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    When I started out, I kept it simple. I used one of the Suave Naturals Conditioners to conditioner-wash (co-wash), and as my rinse out conditioner; and I used aloe vera gel (Fruit of the Earth 100% is a good one that's very easy to find in the US) for styling. That got me started, and was cheap and easy to find; plus it gave me time to start digesting the information here about the method, and about which products I might want to try next.

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