Some good drugstore s+c's that are curl enhancing?

I'm on a strict budget, so it's best for me to use cheaper stuff. A few months back, my haircutter tried out the Back to Basics Curl Refreshing Shampoos and Conditioner, which was just phenomenal on my hair - made my combo 2C, 3A hair the curliest ever, even when it was still wet - I could see almost corkscrew formations which has NEVER happened before. Thing is, this is out of my budget, even though it is very good! I loved the way my hair felt with lots of volume(well, I have very thick hair anyway, but it is fine in texture)and defined curls. This was even before I put my gel into it. Now, the question is, are there any drugstore shampoos and conditioners that are good in this regard? My hair is also color-treated. I know lots of people here use drugstore products, and there are good ones out there. For styling, I'm a huge fan of LA Looks Curl Look gel, so I'm already oriented towards drugstore.
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    Some people like the Garnier Sleek & Shine or Curl & Shine conditioners, but I've never tried the B2B so I can't compare. My other advice would be to stock up on the Back to Basics when it's on sale. Trade Secret sometimes has liters on "buy one, get one free" sales, and Ulta has sales on them too (recently they were $12 for the liter). If you're patient and look around for deals, you can buy the more expensive products at affordable prices.
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