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new & welcome to my wretched hair cut

theloulatheloula Posts: 23Registered Users
hi folks :)

i have finally joined the site after lurking here for well over a year. i have been mostly cg for the last seventeen months, and have loved not having to cry and have fits over my hair. unfortunately, peace with my hair was shattered last friday with a terrible new hair cut.

my bangs were down below my chin, and the back was almost to my bra strap when i walked in asking for 2 or 3 inches off the back. she cut off closer to 5. i am over thinned out in the back only and cut so it sits just above my shoulders when curly. the bangs are not blended into the rest of the hair even though i asked for them to be shorter and blended in. i look simply terrible straight or curly. about the only way it looks half decent is to blow dry, iron it, and pin it all up into a stump leaving the small fringe out at the front. it is so short and thinned out that there is hardly anything left to pin up. i have almost no idea what to do with it now, thus joining the site here hoping someone could share some words of wisdom on how to deal with over thinned out curls.

by fluke, a woman with long ringlets came into where i work on the weekend. i got the name of her hairdresser and am going to see her for a consultation on wednesday. she is the first hairdresser i have talked to who loves curls. almost everyone else i have seen has wanted to iron my hair out flat.

i am mostly a 3a with some 2a. my hair looks best when its humid. i loath taking a lot of time to style my hair, and prefer to just use gel and let it air dry. i will often put it up. sometimes, i wear it ironed straight for a change. i am mostly cg, and only use one conditioner that contains silicone when i want to style my hair straight. it is very rare that i use a modified cg friendly shampoo.

i have loved being able to come here and read the message boards. i have learned so much, and have shared much of the information with friends and folks. i have also learned to love my curls.

please help me make peace with my curls again. i am desperate.


ps - i will try to get some pics uploaded and put the link in soon.


  • HeatherDawnHeatherDawn Posts: 300Registered Users
    Welcome Lou! I'm so sorry about your hair cut! :x I think we all have some kind of horror story with snip happy hairdressers. Mine, 7 years ago, ended in a pixie cut - 10" lost - a full 7 more than I asked for. I've been there too! I had someone "thin" my hair out once and I hated it as well. Good news was that my next trim (elsewhere) fixed it right up. Even though you may loose some more length, the goal is healthy, beautiful hair. It sounds like you are on a quest for a better hairdresser :wink: so that will do worlds of good! ((HUGS)) to you! I can't wait to get to know you and see those pictures!
  • theloulatheloula Posts: 23Registered Users
    thank you for the welcome Heather. i really feel for you having had that much hair cut off...i dont know how i would have handled that, i have had a hard enough time with a few inches.

    i went to the hair shop today to ask for my money back. i told the receptionists how upset i was, how frustrated. they got me calmed down, and to wait for the hairdresser, who has been cutting my hair on and off for the last three years now. i spoke with her about the thinning out, texturizing, and why she did it. she thought it would encourage the curls in the back, and it really wasnt that much. she cut off the bottom just under an inch, and cleaned the sides up from where i had been hacking at it with my sewing scissors. it looks better straight now, and i am just hoping it works out as well curly. i am glad the receptionists got me to talk to her as i dont like being upset with anyone.

  • HeatherDawnHeatherDawn Posts: 300Registered Users
    I really like the new haircut curly! That is how I had mine (or pretty close) and it looks really cute on you! Looks like after spring factor you lost about two inches of length, but it really DOES look good! It should grow out nicely as well and if you want a change it looks good strait too!

    After my big snip I pretty much locked myself in the bedroom and cried for four hours - then off and on for a few weeks - LOL. Poor DH was not happy about it either, but he was very sweet and supportive. He actually likes my hair a little shorter than it is now, but I'm going for full length. Heeheee. Bad hair cuts are the worst, but they DO grow out! I think I have a picture of it really short in my fotki...
  • HeatherDawnHeatherDawn Posts: 300Registered Users
    Yeah it's in there listed under "the worst look ever" LOL!
  • theloulatheloula Posts: 23Registered Users
    heatherdawn, i am sorry but i just laughed and laughed when i saw the worst hair ever pic. its so far away! in all your other pics it is easy to make your head out, easy to see...this one is miniscule! :) and holy doodle did you get whacked off!!!

    i have had my hair short before like that, on purpose. well...apart from the one time the hairdresser cut it .5 inches and shorter so it looked like i had wavy scars on my head, and the only to bits that were long-ish were these two tufts about 2 inches long that wisped out like bozo the clown pieces, only one was on one side of my forehead, the other on the opposing back corner. now that was the worst haircut ever that i had. so i have been there....growing it out from micr short. not something i want to do again in the near future.

    to do my hair easily, it either has to be super short, or on the longer side. the in between stuff is a nightmare as my hair just gets its own mind of what to do, no matter how much i blast it with heat and product. the large majority of my haircuts have been bad, until i came to terms with the curls, and learned how to work with them about 16 months ago. cg really does work for me, with the odd shampoo using a non sulfate/sulfite (do i have the terms right?) shampoo. if i straighten it, i use a conditioner that has silicone in it, simply for the slip properties. and its so rare that i straighten, it really doesnt bother my hair texture...just takes a few days to perk up again.

    ok, i am babbling **grins** thank you for sharing your horrid haircut story and pictures!

  • MaybeWavyMaybeWavy Posts: 374Registered Users
    You did lose a fair amount of length but it's really cute! It sure curls up nicely-

    Frustrating I know, but (and I'm certain you're tired of hearing this!) it will grow!

    (And then, if you're me, you'll chop it off again!)
    2cFii-ish with 3a moments. Always subject to change.
    (\_/) This is Bunny.
    (O.0) Copy Bunny into your signature to help
    (> <) him on his way to world Domination.

    I'm voting for Bunny.

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