I was wondering what makes some curlies go straight.

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I watched the repeat of Stephen King's "Rose Red" yesterday and was totally mesmerized my actress Nancy Travis' georgeous curls. Both she and Bernadette Peters always seem to have perfect shiny, bouncy ringlets.

But when I went to google a pic of Ms. Travis to give to show my stylist for my next trim scheduled next month - I see that she has now straightened her hair. Those beautiful curls are gone. Why oh why did she give up what others envy. I hope she didn't use chemicals.



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    Sometimes people just want a different look.
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    I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.
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    bad hair days?
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    Personally, I like to straighten my bangs only when I'm in between curly days because they're freakishly short right now and it looks cleaner. ;]
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    Just ask anyone that knows anything. Curly hair is wild and messy, while straight hair is sleek and polished. :roll:
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    Well, you're comparing how her curls looked in a movie. For all we know, she could have had her hair totally styled in that curly way, and her natural self isn't as "perfect".

    For movie roles, they usually blow out the hair smooth, and then curl it w/ rollers or a curling iron. If her natural state is just a slight wave, and she has to "pick" between curly or straight, it may actually be easier, and less damaging to choose straight.
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