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I'm new to the forum and decided I should probably get some hair tips and advice for transitioning. First, I guess I'll start off with a bit of my hair story:
I've always been relaxed, not really caring for my hair. Using a lot of heat, manipulation, combing, pulling, all that. My hair would break constantly. So in April 2011, I got a nice trim and decided to care for my hair. In October 2011, I got my final relaxer and decided to go natural. I transitioned with heat which at first wasn't so bad until summer hit.. My hair would frizz and puff at the demarcation line which left me with one big puff. I didn't experience much breakage but in September 2012, I gave up and texturized my hair.

Fast forward to now, I've decided to go natural again. My hair does not allow me to stretch relaxers, I get severe breakage and my hair becomes unbearable and unsightly. Right now I've been getting a frequent trim every 8-10 weeks (when I texturize). My hair is a little above shoulder length and fairly healthy.

My issue now is how to prevent or repair the breakage I usually get when stretching relaxers while transitioning, also while transitioning with braids which I plan on doing. Any advice or tips for transitioning with braids would help.. PLEASE!

thank you.


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    Looking at products I used and care routines from when I was relaxed for healthy hair, the first things I would suggest are deep conditioning treatments and protein treatments. They can keep your hair moist (DC) and strong (PT- chemical processing weakens your strands) even while you are transitioning. Continuing regular trims between taking your braids down will help your transition go faster, imho. I transitioned with wash and gos, getting trims every 6-8 wks. I mini bc'd about 2-3"off of hair that was grazing my shoulders straight (~5-7") 10 months after my last relaxer.
    Unfortunately I don't have any experience with braids. I have seen on forums etc, to make sure not to have them too tight on your edges or putting too much strain on your hair. Finally take breaks between braid installments. I hope that helps! Good luck!

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