My DT Nightmare

I thought that only you curlies could fully appreciate my trauma. Last night was my deep conditioning night. I did my co-wash with some lemon juice and applied a new condiitoner I got at Trader Joe's (not the nourish, but the one that smells like OneC) mixed with some Jojoba Oil. It was late, so I decided I would sleep with the DT on.

At about 3:30 a.m. I woke up with the itchiest scalp on Earth. There was so way I could spend my remaining 3 hours until waking time with the stuff on my head. I forgot that the first ingrident was citrus and was probably WAYYY too stong.

So, blind and in the dark I manage to rinse all the conditioner out, apply some leave-in followed by [buylink=]Jessicurl CCSS[/buylink] and RR and then I plopped. When I woke up. My hair was pretty dry and my curls were pretty nice except for the very top of my hair that was totally frizzy, probably due to improper plopping.

Lesson learned, skip the overnight treatment unless I already have experience with the conditioner. On the upside, my hair smells heavenly and is soft as a baby's behind and aside from the top my curls are lovely! :D
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    oh ow that gives me the itchies just reading that! And see did you go back to sleep like a normal person? NO you did your hair and plopped. We curly folk are sure tough!
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    Sounds like you got great results anyway! Talk about making lemonade from lemons. :lol:
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    Hooray for soft curls! At least you made the most of the situation. ;] I would have freaked if I woke up with an itchy head.