cardiff hair salon...

any chance there's any curlies out there in cardiff? that can reccommend a good hair salon? i'm at uni there right now (hey everyone btw, ive not been here for a while *waves* ) and my hair is in desperate need of a cut. but i'm scared to go somewhere where they'll ruin it...eek!

help much appreciated! :)


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    bumps in desperation
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    Hi Sugar

    When I was a student living in Cardiff many years ago, I used to have my hair cut by George at Cats Whiskers in Canton.

    He is the only hairdresser I've ever felt loved cutting curly hair (his is wavy) and if I still lived there I would go to him like a shot.

    Word of advice, take the day off cos he used to keep me waiting and he takes sooo long.
  • Sugar Plum FairySugar Plum Fairy Posts: 178Registered Users
    oooh thank you very much, that is useful. any advice about people to stay away from by any chance?
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    oooo sorry no

    If you do decide to give him a try I'd appreciate some feedback.

    I know of two people with curly hair that still go to him and they live in North Wales.

    Hope this helps.