hard london water is a nightmare

hello! i have like... 3a-ish curls (when they're healthy) and i just moved to london where the harsh water is a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. i can never wear my hair curly because it always looks awful - so i've been straightening it which is also damaging but at least it doesn't look like a disaster/rats nest/dry. i was thinking a keratin treatment might help but i have no idea -- short of buying a VERY expensive water purification for my flat, or boiling water and letting it cool before i shower to wash my hair with, i'm screwed. anyway any input would be SUPER helpful.


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    You need to change your products.

    I've lived around the UK and in different countries in Europe and learnt you need to change your products to get your hair to work. I've also had a major vitamin deficiency as well.

    So in hard water areas you need to experiment with more moisturising conditioners, use deep condioners regularly, modify your styling products, possibly modify your wash regime (London is a dirty city) and also clarify.
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    Try a very dilute vinegar rinse after each wash or a weekly stronger vinegar rinse, weekly/ fortnightly chelating shampoo. Bottled water or boiled and cooled tap water or jug filtered tap water is an option, wouldn't be that much hassle if you are a tea/ coffee drinker at home and a moderately organised person (I am not, ha ha).
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    Does boiling water get rid of the minerals? I always thought the minerals just stayed there.

    Weird story.... one time I forgot a small pot of water to boil.... by the time I remembered almost all the water boiled off.... and guess what there was there? A layer of crud! I couldn't believe it. This was in FL... I think we have limestone in our water (or lord knows what). But it's very hard water as well.

    To the OP, I find that I also have to use very different products depending on the water. My hair is also straighter in hard water. Go figure. You'll have to chelate regularly ^ agree with the others above. Otherwise, you can figure out the cost of using distilled water vs. the purification system.
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    Boiling water does get rid of the minerals - in hard water areas kettles have this white/grey/brown layer inside them.

    And so do things like irons and anything else you put water in that heats up unless you use preboiled water first. Using just hot water from the taps doesn't work.