Help! Frizz, Tangles, and Matting, oh my...

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I am posting for the first time, and hope you all have some ideas and suggestions for me.

My hair is normally 2b/c, very fine, low density. It's kind of like baby hair. It's bra strap length, was highlighted and cut in April. I currently use Deva Care low poo, one condition, b'leavein, and strong hold gel. I've tried the Deva mouse but it left my hair very sticky. I just started using coconut oil as a pre-poo. I've been CG for years, but recently nothing works!

In the last few months, my hair has felt drier, been very prone to frizz, and has tangles so bad they become matted, even with sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Today, after going from pre-poo all the way thru to scrunching in gel while head down, I had tangles and mats so bad that I just said to heck with it, combed out the tangles and am letting my hair dry however it chooses to.

I'm at a loss, don't have the $$ to try dozens of new products, and am feeling very annoyed right now, lol!

Oh, and my hair is still really wet even 1 hour after all the mf towel use and the combing. Does that indicate high porosity?


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    kiddiepsyc wrote: »
    Oh, and my hair is still really wet even 1 hour after all the mf towel use and the combing. Does that indicate high porosity?

    No, the opposite. It usually indicates low porosity; however, it is subjective. I hear some low porosities say about 6 hours until their hair starts getting dry. I am wondering if your hair is having polyquat build-up. Deva curl is notorious for build-up because of the polyquats. I love it, but you might need to clarify. It's weird because I get extreme tangles and I always loved how Deva curl one condition was able to detangle my hair so well. Do you find it a good detangler?
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    Clarify and chelate, then start again with your Deva products. Some find they can build up and the formula had changed a couple of times in the past.

    I think the B'Leave in is a styler not a conditioner, are you using the One condition as your leave in conditioner?
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    Hi there. I'm going to suggest a couple of things. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. :)

    1) Are you detangling in the shower while your hair is loaded u with the One Condition? I gently use a wide tooth comb in the shower while the conditioner is in it. It helps A LOT.

    2) Don't use a towel at all, not even a MF one. Instead, squeeze excess water out of your hair with your hands, then apply product. Then air dry or diffuse. Try it once and see if it helps.

    3) I apply products upside down too. I squeeze out the excess water, then apply my product by rubbing the product in my hands and then smoothing it onto my hair in sections. My hands are in a prayer type position with the section of hair in between the hands. I typically have 4 sections of hair. Once I've smoothed that product on, I gently squeeze (not scrunch) my hair to kind of help the product really get in there, but without creating additional frizz.. I find if I handle my hair too much, frizz develops. Then after all products are applied, I do a gentle scrunch and pump to each section. That's it.

    4) If you aren't already pineappling your hair at night, try it.

    5) Use the low poo on your scalp only. Apply a bit of it to your fingertips, then massage/scrub the crap out of your scalp. Rinse well. Then apply One Condition to the entire length of your hair. Detangle. Rinse. Not applying the low poo to the length of your hair can help keep it from drying out too. AND it saves you money because you use less low poo! ;)

    Hope these suggestions help. #1, #4, and #5 helped my hair go from a dry tangled mess to nice and soft and rarely tangled. good luck!
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