My flat twist looks wrong.

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Hello everyone i have just recently learned how to flat twist ( after watching thousands of youtube videos). i have practiced on the sides of my but they look wrong to me it puffs out like in the middle alot. i wass wondering if someone could please tell me what i am doing wrong or what i can do to improve it. Thank you so much in advance.


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    I am not sure if this will help but here goes nothing. Your hair actually looks like it's holding the twist very well at your ends so you're one up on me. I have to bobby pin my flat twists to keep them from coming undone or secure the ends with Bantu knots or perm rods. If your twist looked defined before you got to the ends you may get by with bobby pinning them down sort of behind the twist. Just be careful when putting them in- you don't want to damage your hair.

    For the flat twisting portion it looks like one or two things it took a lot of practice for me to get too. First make sure you are only adding hair to one side at a time: so just make sure you have two defined sections before you twist together and grab a new hunk of hair to add to the other side of your twist. Second, I've found that my flat twists look much better when I use smaller sections to add to the twists.

    I hope that helps! Also, what if any product did you use on your hair for this?

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    You look like your hair is very dense like mine. While some people complain their twists look scalpy my scalp is barely visible once my twists dry. I think you should make sure you make clean straight parts with a comb. I agree smaller twists may help because if you make the same size part as a less dense person you are putting like twice as much hair in your twists. I don't like doing flat twists because my hair won't dry well but when I do I dont go ear to ear. I start from a middle or side part. Not so far to travel in trying to keep it smooth.

    Ps if you aren't wearing the twists as your style I wouldn't worry how they look.
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