I've considered bleaching my hair for a few years now. Has anyone bleached their hair? How bad was your hair damaged? And what brand of bleach did you use? Any experience you have would be helpful, thanks.


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    I used herbal essence gel bleach for years and my hair was always in great shape. Lots of coconut oil!!!!
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    I lift my hair from dark mouse to mid blonde with a peroxide only (no persulphate bleach) blonde box dye. My hair is certainly more porous than virgin and takes a lot of leave in conditioner, but it looks shiny, feels soft and does not have split ends at bra strap length. I follow 'strict' CG and use proven ingredients like coconut oil and hydrolysed protein.

    How damaging lightening your hair is depends on many factors, from its initial health/ strength to how many shades you lift to how light you end up to how skilled you are at root touch ups (overlap) to whether you 'refresh' the lengths each time.

    Don't worry too much about how damaging lightening was for someone else, run strand tests on your shed plug hole hair. You can do this at the same time as running your skin patch tests.
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    Also can anyone share pictures of their curl pattern after bleaching?
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    Heres my 3B curls on can see the tight curl pattern and healthy condition! I was lightened up a fair bit, but I'll never do it again.
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    I had my hair bleached and dyed at Rapunzel hair studio in suffern and my hair was completely fried. It never curled again. It felt like straw and I had to cut it off. I will never bleach it again
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    Here are my curls not so ligtened, but still lightened a little bit - nowhere near as suffering!
    Fine 3B/C curls.
    Currently growing out damage caused by straightening and coloring.
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    any more stories/pictures??
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    Before I went CG I got some highlights put in. My hair was already suffering from straightening and previous dye jobs and the highlights on top of it did not do anything nice to my hair. It has taken longer than my other unbleached hair has to come back. I would take Firefox's advice, she colors her hair regularly, I believe.

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    Thanks to everyone who answered. Does anyone have a preferred brand of bleach?
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    I think that with any major hair colour changes you should leave it to a professional, it is worth paying for that expertise. Have you coloured your hair or is it in its virgin state? I did a bleach over coloured hair last summer in a salon and my hair didn't quite recover.