CG Method Made My Hair Worse?

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I'll make this as non-ranty as possible (no guarantees).

My hair was great before I tried CG. It was soft, shiny, tame, and a little bit wavy. After reading all about CG, I figured it would make my hair healthier and hopefully a little wavier. I started CG in April... my hair was always a mess and my waves completely fell out no matter what I did. I switched to mod-CG in August and my hair kind of got better; my waves started coming back but my hair still wasn't great. Not knocking the CG method, but it definitely didn't work for me.

I gave up on CG about a month ago (gone back to 'cones and sulfates) and my waves have returned and been stronger than before, but my hair is an absolute mess! It's dull, heavy, greasy, frizzy, crunchy and too soft at the same time. It's a tiny bit better but not much. I thought it would make it the way it was before but it's almost as bad as CG made it.

What the heck can I do?! I'm so frustrated because I just want decent hair again! I'm fine using 'cones and sulfates because my hair seems to like them better. Help!

So Over My Hair Right Now

P.S. Ignore my signature, none of those products have been updated since I stopped doing my mod-CG routine
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    There are a few people who can't use straight curly girl so modify it.

    I use shampoo but I try and ensure that most of the time the shampoo is sulphate free and gentle.

    As far as I can see the main aim of CG is to keep moisture in your hair.

    I suggest you use a clarifying shampoo followed by a deep conditioner then continue with CG. Then when your hair gets yuck again you repeat it.
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    Have you moved during this time? Has your water changed? Do you have hard water? Has your weather changed?

    To me, dull says buildup of some sort. Do you have a straight clarifying shampoo? These are clear without or with minimal additives. If not, I would get one. I love the Neutrogena Anti-Residue shampoo, and I hear the clear Suave ones are good too.

    If your hair is heavy, you are using too heavy of products for your low porosity hair. I have problems if I use products with too many oils.

    Get a good quality leave in. I know you said to ignore your signature, but Suave did nothing for my hair - just made it dry and frizzy.
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    Don't feel bad if CG isn't right for you. I tried doing total CG a few years ago but it didn't do a whole lot for me. Then I went mod-CG for a couple years but then I just got tired of reading ingredients (which I have to do anyway because I can't do soy or gluten). Now I just do whatever I need to for my hair and it seems much happier. I think wavies especially if you have weaker waves like I do, CG and mod-CG might not do a lot for you. You gotta do what's best for you!! :afro:
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    I agree with the above advice to clarify. Even if it doesn't feel like you have build up you might. I thought my hair felt clean but my hair kept getting frizzier and after I clarified it was like new again.

    CG isn't for everyone! Do what makes your hair happy! :salute:

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    I too had issues with the CG method. I was using mainly Yes To Carrots and Desert Essences shampoos, JCTS, and Marie Dean custards (a small amount when needed). My hair got really wacky...places of snarly tangled hair. I tried everything....protein (different types), no protein, different conditioners, gels, and sprays.
    I started using sulfate shampoo again and over the course of a few weeks my hair started getting back to normal.
    I still don't use silicones and certain proteins but I am now using sulfate shampoo.
    Moral of the story...use what works best for your hair.

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    Curly Girl method doesn't take proper account of hair properties (coarseness, elasticity, porosity), nor all the ingredients that can build up (waxes including cetyl esters, some polyquats, butters) or are harsh on hair (baking soda, soaps, olefin sulfonates).

    Actually what is referred to on many sites including NC as 'modified' IS true CG since sulphate free shampoos are permitted in the handbook. Also Deva have used silicones that resist building up (eg. amodimethicone) in their formulations. Lorraine Massey has been interviewed stating she is not anti these ingredients, they just weren't around when she wrote the first edition. CG is more flexible than many of us believe.
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    Honestly it just sounds like buildup. I'd clarify with a sulfate shampoo (one that doesn't have stuff in it that can build up). Have you chelated recently? You could have hard water buildup. Check your products CG or non-CG for things like waxes, cetyl esters, polyquats, heavier oils like castor or mineral, heavy butters. Those can really buildup on some people and be more problematic for low porosity hair.

    On my hair, waxes or certain other ingredients are WORSE than silicones. Those troublesome ingredients can pop up in any products, whether CG or non-CG.

    If CG wasn't working for you it wasn't working for you..... I'm not gonna tell you to go back but it's unlikely the CG method ruined your hair. Most CG stuff should be gentle and can be "undone" (Ie conditioning, protein). If the issue is buildup from certain ingredients that can be "undone" as well with clarifying sulfate washes and/or a good chelating shampoo.
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    Yes I gave up on CG method my hair did not like it, I wash my hair with shampoo but I still use non silicone and non sulfate products..
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    Y3ssi88 wrote: »
    Yes I gave up on CG method my hair did not like it, I wash my hair with shampoo but I still use non silicone and non sulfate products..

    Non-silicone & non-sulfate is the CG method.
    2bc/ f / ii. low porosity roots + normal-high porosity shaft where bleached. normal elasticity.

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    I agree with what the others have told you--chelating and clarifying. You may want to check your shampoo for Polyquaternium-7. It's common in a lot of shampoos. That's an ingredient that gives me build up issues (along with 4 and 10.)

    Greasy, frizzy and too soft at the same time (tangled also for me) sounds like what castor oil does to my hair. I need to use sulfate shampoo a few times to remove that (and mineral oil.)

    You could need protein. I know that tightens my curl and reduces frizz.

    No matter what you decide to do, it's still important to be ingredient savvy. You may want to tell us what you are using (list ingredients, so we don't have to find them.) That way, folks can give you better information.
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    I also feel that trying to do curly girl has ruined my hair. It looked great the first time I washed with conditioner only, but after that every time I washed it, it became more difficult to detangle to the point that I couldn't get my hands through it, even with loads of conditioner on it. As a result my hair has broken off all the way up the length, and particularly around the front of my forehead, and it's making me really sad. I dare say that didn't do it right, but I kept persevering because people said it gets worse before it gets better and to keep in experimenting, but now I think I'm going to have to have a drastic cut!
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    CG isn't for everyone, and that's okay. I can't go straight CG either, I think. I'm still unclear as to if using SLS-free shampoo is considered straight CG or not. Either way, it's okay if a method doesn't work for you :)

    I do think a good clarifying wash or two will really help out, as will a deep treatment that contains some protein. I think once you do a "hard reset" so to speak, your hair will behave better.
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    I am totally learning to modify. This is my month of experiments! I finally realized earlier this month (THANK YOU CURLTALK COMMUNITY!) that I have hard water, so I can't go straight CG anymore.
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