trying to get twist outs and braid outs to last

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:sad5: So I've tried twist outs and braid out but by the time unravel my hair it blows out, no curl. Tried it with shea butter and coconut oil and then with lets jam custard on top, still nothing. So this time i tried gel, some fantasia ic with my shea butter mix and waited patiently for it it dry. I think it worked this time.:lol: web cam sucks but i took a few pics.


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    Have you tried twisting in the other direction? If you're twisting against the direction your hair goes, that could cause it to go flat.

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    On damp hair, instead of the Shea Butter mix, try using a Curl Cream or Pudding as it is creamier and may distribute better into your hair to coat all of your strands. Add a little gel (for hold) and then twist/braid the sections and let it sit overnight.

    In spite of Shea Butter being a common product/ingredient that we tend to use in our curly hair, sometimes our hair just doesn't do well with Shea Butter. After a couple years of using Shea Butter rich products as well as making my own Shea Butter mixes, I came to this realization. Who knew?

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    Thanks ladies, i did try it with a custard, and left it overnight. within two minutes for undoing my twist my hair went straight. So i tried gel but im thinking of trying it witch another curl pudding but im trying to decide on a brand and i will try it minus the shea butter.
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    I do my twists on wet/damp hair and I use eden bodyworks curl defining creme, a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil over that and then some gel for extra hold even though most times I don't need it and I get pretty good results. Are you making sure that your twists are completely dry?

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