What type of hair do I have?

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I have naturally tight 3b curls, but my mom starting getting my hair relaxed in elementary school through middle school. I stopped getting relaxers in high school and switched to keratin treatments. I stopped all the treatments and started the cg method over this summer before the start of college. My hair is definitely a lot curlier than it was when I stopped the treatments, but that may just be from finding the right products. I wash my hair in the mornings (cowash) and scrunch in Toussle Me Softly mousse afterwards, and let it airdry. My curls are a far cry from what they used to be, I'm not even sure that I could call them curls anymore. Some of them have very strange shapes, one curl may have an s wave, a straight piece, a squarish wave, and a ringlet all in one! I'm still not quite satisfied with my hair, nor do I know what type of hair I have. I'm also posting this in the 2 forum. I haven't been able to find much on white girls who transition from straightening treatments to natural. The hair closest to my roots has never been relaxed, yet it is nowhere as curly as my hair used to be. Are my curls gone forever? Has anyone had a similar experience as me and had their natural hair return? Any product recommendations? (Sorry these pictures aren't the best, they are the best I could get by myself with my phone)


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    Hi Volz519- I don't know about others but I'm not able to see your pictures at all.

    My hair is pretty healthy, and I have those strange shapes within my curls, lols. If it bothers you this is what I have gathered in my time perusing all the forums: try a protein treatment to see if you can give life back to your curls. If your hair feels sort of rough, tangly, or hard after the treatment (and while wet- if I'm right about my past experiences with protein when not needed), make sure to do a deep conditioning treatment on top of that. An easy PT is Iagirls PT treatment, you need unflavored gelatin, vinegar, and oils as the base, then you can add other items in. See the original here: Science-y Hair Blog: Recipes and Projects

    My next step would also be to find out your hair properties- porosity, texture, and density. These will help you figure out the best products and routines for your hair. Once again in my own experience (which may be different from yours), the hair properties helped me care for my hair much better than ever knowing my curl type.
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    Your curls are not gone forever, so no need to worry yourself about that. A transition will take a lot of time. Even for healthy hair, it's normal to have different patterns within a single curl or on a head of hair. It sounds like you might have longer hair, so that could be why you're not seeing curls at your root. Be patient, it's not called a transitioning period for nothing. Baby your hair, take care of it, and give it what it needs - it will come around in time. I've never personally relaxed my hair, so I can't speak for specific products or techniques. I can only say that all is not lost.

    On another note, if you find articles on transitioning from a relaxer, it doesn't matter what ethnicity you are - hair is hair. Search some articles on NC.com and posts on this board. :)

    ETA: I can't see the pictures either.
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