Demi into permanent!? Is that true?!

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So, here's my story and I really hope I can find some answers here! :)

I have strawberry blonde hair, but live in a sunny climate, so wanted to dye my hair a couple shades darker to downplay the highlights. Went to my salon and after she applied a demi with 10 volume, I looked in the mirror to see "hot" roots. She threw a darker demi color on my whole head to blend the roots, which it did, but my hair was dark, like maroon dark.

The next day i went somewhere else to correct it. She applied some kind of color extractor/lightener and put my head in a "soup bowl" (very light amount of bleach, couldn't even smell it) for 3 minutes, then stuck me under the steamer at high heat. Lots of color came out, but a few days later, i was still not happy cuz my roots looked pretty hot again.

I went back to my original girl to have them fix it. She applied demi again in copper and it all blended fine.

Here's the thing…now its been a month and my roots are showing. You can still see a little bit of vibrancy where the hot roots were. Im not in rush to touch up my roots because then i think ill have this vibrant stripe around my head. My hair person said i should touch it up because we dyed it so much that demi on top of demi is permanent. WHAT?!?!? is that true. That sounds crazy.

Any insight would be great.


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    Not sure how you ended up with hot roots with only 10 vol applied....

    The second stylist did a soap cap by the sounds - your hair will be very porous now I imagine, but I've never heard of a Demi being turned into a permanent, especially if it's been lifted back out again. Colour build up would be an issue though I imagine.

    Was the ends of your hair previously dyed? Might be why the roots went hot
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