Keratin Treatment without flat iron

Hi guys!
I am thinking of trying out a keratin treatment on my hair because sadly my hair is more frizzy than curly.. I want to keep my curls but would like to loosen my curl pattern. Is it possible to do a keratin treatment without a flat iron? To use it like a normal treatment for your hair? (Just blow drying your hair after the application) Or wouldn't that do anything for my hair??


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    sorry, I don't have an answer for that, but I have wondered it too -- maybe a good stylist would know. anyone?
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    First of all I've tried several products, and also had it done at the salon. Nothing came close to salon results, except this The Unnique Deep Repair Treatment kit. When I got it done at the salon, I paid $250 and it only lasted about 3 months. This product has saved me a ton of money. It is alot of work to do it yourself, but make sure you follow the directions and use the appropriate heat setting, get a flat iron that goes up to 450. Don't over saturate your hair with the product, it is not necessary. After the treatment, I did not wash my hair for 3 days, and didn't use any clips or rubber bands.
    Formaldehyde Free Keratin & Amino Hair Treatment | Unnique Beauty
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    , first theres an easier and WAYY cheaper way to do a keratin hair treatment . and if the directions are followed the correct way your hair will come out with salon results . i just recently did my own about a month ago now with a treatment that comes in a box with directions , it was called organx Brazilian keratin therapy treatment . you can find it at local drugstores , walgreens , cvs , also places like wallmart , target and Sally's i got mine for about eight dollars on sale at wallmart , however if you do this treatment ( especially on your own at home) you want to be able to maintain it for the whole month so its good to buy the organx ever straight Brazilian therapy shampoo and conditioner so that when you do wash your hair the treatment isn't fully getting washed out with sulfates , so it will be longer lasting . i also got both of these from wallmart , but you can also find these in the same place as you can find the treatment including supermarkets in the the bodycare section . at wallmart i got them both for about 12 dollars . i doubt you'd get the best results without using the flat iron , because in the instructions it is mandatory for you iron to be no less than 450 degrees , so that would have to be a lot of passing with the blow dryer only , unless your hair is really manageable then it might work just fine and you won't have to damage your hair as much . the treatment does have heat protection in it so it won't damage your hair as much . i do however , recommend the flat iron even if it's on low i think it might give better results than just the blow dryer alone .

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