Shea Butter-free Deep Conditioners

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Hi all,

Normally I use this forum as my own personal curly wikipedia, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for via search function so I'm trying the direct approach.

When I was transitioning the first time I found MopTop, which quickly became my HG deep conditioner. It made my ends look AMAZING even in the land of 60+ degree dew points eight months out of the year. Unfortunately I have recently realized that shea butter makes my follicles vomit my hair like a co-ed on Ladies Night.

So now it's back to the HG search again. CurlMart really needs a better "filter by ingredient" search function. I tried the Curl Junkie Repair Me but was underwhelmed with the result. Any other shea sensitive curlies out there with a recommendation?

Relevant info: fine, high porosity, 3A/3B. Protein good. I'd include a product list but that is in flux right now.


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    I use GVP conditioning balm. I like it but my hair can get weighed down by it so I mix it with my regular daily conditioner AND I add a few drops of Sally's Neutral Protein Filler. Works for me!
    I'm going to go ahead and say 3a
    fine/medium texture and a bit porous-I color
    Spring routine: Renpure luxurious argan oil shampoo/Loreal Advanced Care Color conditioner , HETT gel
    Microfiber towel/diffuse
    Trying KKCC

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