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I really need to do something about the grays :( I prefer natural products, so I was thinking of trying henna hair dye. But internet searches and other threads have me very confused, I don't know where to start. My hair color is dark brown and I have never done home hair coloring before. I had highlights by a stylist years ago. So, needless to say, I am pretty clueless about any related to hair coloring. I am not too picky about the end result color as long as the gray is covered and the color is a natural one. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
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    What I was told by a previous member was to do a test glaze, meaning that you mix the henna color you prepare with conditioner. This is, of course, after you try henna on hair you've already shed, such as what you may find in your hairbrush (if you brush), or your hair catcher in the shower.

    The best place for henna is Henna for Hair. They have kits and mix suggestions available. If you're confused after reading their information, you can always email for advice or even call their brick and mortar shop in Kent, Ohio.

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    You need a henna with a higher lawsone content to cover grays. The one I used was 2.4% and covered everything beautifully. There are a few good sites.. Mehandi, Henna Caravan, Henna Sooq. Just be sure it's Body Art Quality.

    Do you want it red or do you want to keep it brown? You can mix some indigo with it to make it a browner color, that's what I did on my second application. I also added some amla to fight the thickening/weighing down effect of the henna, and amla will also tone down the coppery color of the henna.

    I did test strands with a few mixtures - henna alone, 2:1 henna, amla, 2:2 henna, amla, 2:1:2 henna, amla, indigo (this is what I did), 2:1:1 henna, amla, indigo.... well you get the point. I don't use a brush and there's no hair in my drain, so I just pulled some hair out of my head for my test strands and rolled them together until I got a knot-like thing. Be sure to hold in the light to see how bright it will get. If you don't like any outcomes keep playing with it, because the red is permanent. You may have to do a few applications to get it to the color that you want.

    I'd suggest Henna for Hair's ebook for any other questions you might have about mixing, etc.
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