My hair is so staticky lately! I've never had this problem while curly - only when I straighten. The ends are puffing (escaping from the curls) and eventually flying up into the air! I've had problems with the back not gel casting properly, now it seems the ends aren't being cast really either. I've upped my BRHG which I usually mixed 80/20 with another gel (the 20 being BRHG) to nearly 50/50 to try to control the issue with my hardest hold product, but it doesn't seem to help. The dews have been extremely low here - in the teens - could that have something to do with it? Any suggestions?
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DT: GVP Conditioning Balm w/ coconut oil
LI: a touch of JCTS
Products: my HG is Tresemme Bouncy Curls Defining Gel mixed with a touch of BRHG over a little flax seed gel, SM Souflee/Milk for 2nd day hair, occasionally Bioterra Curling Creme and Gel
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    Tiffany Anderson (Live Curly, Live Free) advises decreasing gel and increasing conditioning when the dews are low. I've had very good luck following that advice, and my hair used to be very staticky in winter.

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    I've rubbed dryer sheets over my hair in the past to get rid of static.

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    That absolutely has something to do with it. I live in the mountains of NC and our humidity levels have been in the teens, often, the last several weeks. Static is unreal. I am shocked every time I move in my office chair or touch something metal (and I sit on a grounded anti static floor mat) and my clothes have been sticking to me, even when using fabric sheets and static guard at work. I won't even bring my hair into the discussion.

    I'm afraid all hope is lost on those days. I don't even try. Good day to put my hair up.
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