Keratin Treatment & Hair Color

Hi there, I got my first keratin treatment on Saturday. I've been dying my hair natural black since 2006. I noticed at the salon while waiting with the serum on my hair that my roots looked lighter...almost copper/reddish and chalked it up to the lighting in the salon.

But when I got home, I saw that the color from my last dye job 2 weeks prior (natural black as always) had turned nearly copper at the top and cinnamon/plum towards the bottom. I had NO idea this would happen. :shock:
I'm concerned that the treatment was a bad one? I've seen a lot of posts that say to dye your hair the day of treatment...but would that not be counterintuitive if the keratin lifts the color? was this just a bad serum?

I read at salonfavorite that you can color your hair after 48 hours. I've read here that you wait two weeks. I'm confused. any advice from my curly haired comrades would be awesome.


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    If you are looking for straight and smooth hair then you can get keratin in Davie. Keratin hair straightening treatment is offered by most of the salons to help clients have smooth manageable hair. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in human body. A hair stylist applies a keratin hair-straightening product to hair and seals it by using heat of a flatiron or a straightening rod. The entire process takes about 90 minutes or longer, depending upon the hair length. The treatment shortens the blow dry time and makes the hair less frizzy. The results of keratin in Davie last for around two and a half months.

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