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Hi Ladies (and Gents, if they even exist on this site),

So, after finally repairing my hair, I am having an issue. My hair isn't growing (in my opinion), well ok. No. It's growing, but I feel like it's getting "thicker" rather then "longer". My length has been about the same and a few months ago I got the dead ends taken care of, and from that point on I haven't cut it. Is there products that will "stimulate" A miraculous growth of hair?

Route: I wash my hair every other day, (3 day tops). I don't shampoo (well, I do once a month), I use all SheaMoisture products which have done incredible things to fixing my hair. Other then that...I don't do anything crazy.


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    There's no real quick fix for hair growth (though some people have claimed to have good experiences with the 'inversion method').

    Your hair may just be growing very slowly. Do you have split ends / especially dry hair? It may also be that it's growing, but breaking.
    OOOOOR your hair may just have reached its terminal length.
    Or (yes, another or) perhaps you need to shampoo more? Does your hair feel a little 'clogged' at the roots? Build-up can block the hair follicles at the roots and slow growth (so I've heard).

    Head massages with oils are great to stimulate the roots and enhance blood flow, which encourages hair growth buuut it's not a miracle thing.
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    Yeah build up and dry scalp can slow hair growth and other factors. I've been the victim of that. The normal rate for hair growth is about 1/2 of an inch a month. Some are lucky and grow more without doing anything special. Usually my hair grows a bit slow during winter time. But I've seen about 3 inches already since September. I measure my ends to see if there's any major breakage also.
    Only thing I've changed since being CG is using apple cider vinegar to balance the ph for my scalp and also helps a lot with my dry scalp. Too much massaging can lead to unwanted shedding from my experience that's why I don't do these growth sprays and all that. What you can do is measure from where your hair was before getting a cut and every few months measure to see how long it got/breakage checking. You can try these methods to see if it works for you. Its better than taking those pills and getting side effects that you don't want.
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    You could also take a vitamin like Biotin that helps with hair health and growth.

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    No clue what type of hair I have. Waiting on hair analysis results.

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    New to all this, trying to find the best products for me. Soo confusing, soo many products and soo little time :tweety:

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