Tight curls when hair is wet, waves when it is dry

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Hey I have been having an issue with my hair being much tighter when it is wet but looser when it is dry. It is not bad really but I prefer my curls tighter. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    What is your regime?

    I found out when:
    1. More hair was more moisturised, or
    2. I use a protein deep conditioner, or,
    2. I use henna
    I have tighter curls.
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    I use sulfate free shampoo
    then conditioner
    leave in conditioner
    then this curly lotion gel type thing
    and once a week i use deep conditioner
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    Patatina13 wrote: »
    I use sulfate free shampoo
    then conditioner
    leave in conditioner
    then this curly lotion gel type thing
    and once a week i use deep conditioner

    What is your deep conditioner?

    Do you know your hair properties? If you do what are they?
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    My first thought is that it sounds like you might have a lot of product weight going on.

    Each curl is like phone cord (you know those kinds that are all spiraled and springy?) hair products can lay on the surface/ add weight to hair and do the equivalent of pulling on the curl and making it appear wavier instead of curlier.

    My recommendation, try letting your hair dry without any product in it to see what it wants to do on its own when dry. You will see if it's dry and needs moisture, if your curls spring back ,etc.

    An option to look into is trying some oils in your styling. A little goes a long way, and they are much lighter in your hair. Though they usually need to be sealed in! (look up the LOC method on the website here. I do an altered version with Gel instead of creme, so LOG I guess :D )

    Knowing what you're working with can really help.
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    You need to style with light products. Maybe try using more water based products etc. Just think light and layer on.

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