Salon recommendation for 4a/3c hair in NY

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NY (Rockland, Westchester) or NJ (Bergen) counties. I have browsed the salon finder, but most of the reviews are years old. I badly need a trim for my 4a/3c hair.

Has anyone recently been to a salon or stylist that has experience with my texture? I had a trim done once in 2012 at Rapunzel Salon near me in Rockland county, but although the stylist was Deva trained, she had no experience with my texture. The trim was acceptable, but I really prefer someone who is confident with my texture.

I am experiencing so many single strand knots, tangling, and for the first time I am noticing a few split ends! (freaking out here)

I use Wen to co-wash, just got the new Miss Jessie's leave-in (still trying to find one I like), and style my wash and go's with Hair Rules Curly Whip mixed with a little Olive Oil EcoStyler gel.

Help please!


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    Heynicole. I don't have any recommendations, but I wanted to say that I went to repunzels before too so I know what you mean. I have 3a hair so I can't relate in that sense, but I do get the feeling that she doesn't have experience with all types of textures. I didn't even like that haircut she gave me. Also, the bleach she used to dye my hair completely killed it. My hair never curled again and I had to chop it off. I won't be going back there either. She means well I think, but I think she thinks that she knows more than she does. To me, this whole deva training thing is way too overrated. I think they learn one basic routine and then think they are curl experts. Plus, I really don't like that they only push deva products (for obvious reasons since it's a deva training) because they leave my hair coated and smelling funny. Anyway, sorry to hear you had a bad experience there. I know the feeling
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    i've never been there, but what about devachan in westchester? you can probably find reviews on here for stylists. i had the impression that some of the stylists rotate between nyc and westchester, so look at both. not sure about that, tho.
    and, i agree that many reviews are old. for instance,i still use the same stylist and altho he has many great reviews, nothing in recent years. maybe the newer members just don't review?
    some one had pm'd me to see if i still use my stylist i reviewed a few years ago, told her i did and still loved what he does with my hair. so if you see some stylists with good reviews, but old, try pm'ing people.
    i will add that whenever i've pm's someone who i hadn't seen on boards, they never answer. :-(
    i should add that altho i have never been to the devachan in westchester, i started out with the original on broadway, then on broome, then followed my stylist to another salon also in nyc, soho.

    3a, some 2c & 3b, medium texture, porosity normal, low elasticity :-(
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    sKorpio1190, eek! I'm sorry to hear about your experience too!

    rbb, I sent a PM to someone, so hopefully they will reply!

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