Dying for help please!!

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I've had this protective style for about two weeks now and my head is itching like crazy. It's not that the braids are tight but it's causing this insane itch. Now I've suffered from dandruff for years so I'm thinking that might be the case. Does anyone have any advice for an itchy scalp in box braids?


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    I've used fresh rosemary sprigs in my spritz bottle to help calm my scalp down. Now that I'm using aloe vera juice in my bottle (with my water, conditioner, & oil still) I haven't been using the rosemary sprigs.

    I've also heard scalp massages with oils like coconut oil or castor oil can help- but I haven't used them like this before.

    You could also try tea tree oil/products with it in them for washing,conditioning, and/or moisturizing.

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