Freakishly tangled hair!!! Help!!!

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Ok so my hair is really really thick and I don't know what to do. Yesterday I put half a ton of conditioner in my hair and spent literally 30 minutes trying to detangle it. As you can guess I pulled out a ton of hair. And well I broke my hairbrush on my hair. This then is the only reason I don't get second day hair, my hair is to tangled to even run my hand through it.


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    I like using detangling sprays to aid in detangling my hair. IMO the help me detangle my hair better than just conditioner alone. I pull out less hair & I can use my fingers. The detangle spray I like is by Jane Carter & also the deva curl detangle spray.
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    I have thick hair, too. I used to have a hard time detangling my hair and would take out more hair than necessary.

    Now what I do is, after shampooing, grab 4 scrunchies and put my hair into 4 sections (they don't have to be perfect or even or parted with a comb, just have two in the front and two in back and try to make all four equal in size). Do each section individually. What I do is I take down one section, put a lot of conditioner in, and detangle with a wide-tooth comb.

    It's important to put enough conditioner in. I'm heavy-handed with products anyway, but I make sure to put enough conditioner in that it's chock full of it. I use VO5 Moisture Milk conditioner. It's super cheap and I usually get it from either the dollar store or Walmart (with shampoo it's important to get a more higher priced kind that's sulfate free, but when it comes to conditioner I just use whatever moisturizes my hair best).

    After you're done combing through your thoroughly-conditioned section of hair with a wide-tooth comb, put the section back in a scrunchie and do the same to the other sections. When finished with all the sections I just leave them alone for 3 minutes, then take them down and rinse all of the conditioner out. Afterward you should be able to comb through the hair (with a WIDE-TOOTH comb can't stress that enough) without combing across any tangles. When combing, make sure to start from the ends and work your way up to the roots.
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    Don't use a brush it has way too many teeth/ bristles way too close together, so curls will wrap around the teeth/ bristles. Use your fingers or a VERY wide tooth comb (rake/ double row detangler). Work in small sections from the bottom up.

    Try to limit tangles with overnight styling ( braids/ pineapple PLUS silk or satin pillowcase), very gentle shampoo or conditioner only washing, lots of rinsing to rid your hair of sticky styling products before you start washing and detangling.
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    The way I wash my hair is I put a bit of conditioner in when it's wet, part it in sections then put more conditioner in a section, detangle with my fingers and maybe with a wide tooth comb from tip to root. Then move to the next section.

    afterwards I rinse it out and use whatever shampoo I am currently using- I can't use the cleansing conditioners cause the build up from the products I use is too much XD

    Then I put more conditioner in my hair. If it's dry I just put a bit and leave it in, but if it's not I put a good amount and rince it out after I finish showering. While I shower and stuff I pull it all up to the top of my head.

    Afterwards I put in oil to keep my scalp from becoming dry and to keep my hair soft XD sometimes I put in this conditioner stuffs.

    Just whatever you do, don't use a brush in your hair UNLESS it is a denman or one of those boar bristle brushes that you see on here. A wide tooth comb works much better, or it you are lucky you can just use for fingers XD

    Make sure your conditioner has enough slip too. I use herble essences Hello Hydration and it's wonderful. I've also noticed that my hair is easier to detangle after i started using oils on it XD

    and don't leave it for too long! I'm really bad at that XD but making sure you detangle often enough will really cut down the time it takes.

    Other stuff that you might find useful-

    If your hair is kinky or tightly coiled like mine, put it in twists. you can wear that as a style- it's really cool with hats and scarves and such XD- or just wait till it dries and wear a twist out XD keeping them stretched makes detangling easier later on and keeps it less tangled longer :P

    Also, It may be time for a trim. Sometimes bad ends make the tangles even worse.

    aaand that's all I got

    Hope this it helps you! :D
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    This i what's worked for many people that have purchased their product:

    I have fine curly hair that gets INCREDIBLY knotted when I wash it. I can't use anything too heavy because it weighs my hair down. I tried this on a whim a while back and I think it's highly unlikely that I will ever need to try anything else.
    Works miracles and smells good.

    Love love love this detangler! I just spray it on my wet hair and comb right through. No greasy weighed down feeling afterward.

    This product is awesome!!! I discovered it and have never looked back. I have tried argon oils that haven't worked well but this one is perfect to combat my frizz and fly aways. Amazon has the best prices compared to canadian dealers. I always order multiple at at time to keep my stock up. A little goes along way and keeps my parched hair from looking dry.

    They have it at Cosmoprof or Earthlybody website.
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    Patatina13 wrote: »
    Ok so my hair is really really thick and I don't know what to do. Yesterday I put half a ton of conditioner in my hair and spent literally 30 minutes trying to detangle it. As you can guess I pulled out a ton of hair. And well I broke my hairbrush on my hair. This then is the only reason I don't get second day hair, my hair is to tangled to even run my hand through it.

    I think a big problem here is that you're using a brush. Number one rule of curls is not to brush them. You should use a wide-tooth comb (you'll be surprised just how much easier this makes things!).

    Also, I know you said you had conditioner in your hair, but were you in the shower? Or did you put conditioner on your dry hair? It's always best to detangle when you're in the shower and you've got your conditioner on your wet hair.

    Something that also might help is using a coconut oil or some kind of oil as a pre-shampoo treatment. This will not only do great things for your hair, but will 'lube it up' (for lack of a better term), making detangling easier.
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    Try using Johnson&Johnson's Detangling Spray and V05 moisture milk conditioner. Section your hair into 6 buns (a part down the middle with three buns on each side, one above the other) . Slowly work on one section at a time using your fingers to gently seperate all tangled pieces of hair. Yes, it will take a while but you will lose less hair in the process! Hope this helped