Damp hair?

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Been trying the CG thing for several months now, and I seem to be making better progress than at first. Curious, though. Anyone find that their hair styles better when it's damp as opposed to fresh out of the shower wet?

Lately, I seem to be getting fairly consistent results with this routine:
Wash with Giovanni's TTTT and RO with VO5 Kiwi (sometimes I LI with the VO5, sometimes I don't).
Scrunch upside down with microfiber towel and leave down to start drying.
Depending on the day, I do one of two things:
1) Let dry for 30-45 minutes and then style
2) Let dry 60+ minutes before going to bed; I may or may not style in the morning.

Styling goes like this (here is where the damp-stuff comes in):
Flip head over and spritz hair with water to dampen.
Scrunch upwards to start the waves.
Scrunch gel into hair.
Working in roughly four sections, diffuse for about 5ish minutes.

This has gotten me some nice waves! Better than any other styling techniques I tried before. I think I was fighting an uphill battle trying to style it completely wet: the water was too heavy to fight against.

As a side note, I've also been trying very hard to not brush my hair outside of the shower. I think that's really been helping define my super wavy wispies. They're so much prettier now.
Low-Poo: Giovanni TTTT
Rinse Out: Yes To Coconuts Conditioner

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