What haircut to get?

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I need some advice. I haven’t cut my hair in more than a year….. so yeah now it looks crappy and messy; loads of split-ends and it always tangles up. Here are some pics of how it looks now:



Is it possible to salvage it and get a nice haircut? If it is possible to salvage it what haircut should I ask for?


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    It looks to me as if your hair has a lot of jump. Because of that, I'd recommend looking for a Deva trained stylist. That said, there are Deva stylists and there are Deva stylists. DevaConcepts has a find a stylist feature on their website. I would suggest winnowing that list down by checking stylist's ratings here on NC.com, and by asking the questions suggested on the Deva site.

    Or, depending on how brave you're feeling, you could cut it yourself, using the instructions in Curly Girl: The Handbook (also available here). The book not only explains the techniques, but also has very good illustrations, and great video (on the DVD which comes with it) on how to cut your own hair. My only caveat is that there is no need to go out and spend a ton on hair shears. I got mine at Sally Beauty for something like $25 on sale (which I waited for), and they have some that are cheaper, which are still a step up from what you'd find in a big box store or drugstore.

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