Shea Butter vs. Cocoa Butter

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Hi ladies any word on which one is better for hair vs. skin. I've become of the mind that for my hair Shea is King, but for my skin i'm starting to think not so much and that maybe cocoa or even a cocoa shea mix may work. thoughts?

FYI-I am a type 4a/b and describe myself(not by NC's description) as a kinky coily kind of girl. I don't remember if i think my hair is porous or not honestly.
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    As I JUST slathered cocoa butter cross my face I say it's trial and error. Cocoa butter works great for me, but Shea butter made me break out. I notice web I massage my face w cocoa butter at night, my face is smooth and toned out in the morning. I use it at night to lock in the moisture bc it's too oily for my oily skin during the day.
  • h2wQueenh2wQueen Registered Users Posts: 551
    Its interesting that you say that the shea broke you out because supposedly shea is non-comedigenic(or however that is spelled). I like the idea of slathering cocoa butter on at night. I might try that. I live in a dry dry winter climate. when i get home today. I am going to whip this cocoa butter that i have to make it more spreadable. I am trying to determine if i am going to mix any shea in it. I am seriously considering not doing that. I really would like to see how it works just on it's own first.
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    There are different shea butters: west African is richer in stearic acid which the skin barrier can utilise, east African in rich in oleic acid which can penetrate the hair. Unrefined contains the 'healing fraction' which is reputed to benefit skin, refined is just the lipid fraction.

    Not sure if there is as much variation with cocoa butter but it does contain a decent balance of stearic acid to palmitic acid both of which the skin barrier utilises. Also a decent percentage of oleic acid.

    I suspect for hair it is a matter of personal taste which you use. I doubt much lipid would penetrate faith out heat to 'melt' the butter, studies suggest butters are relatively poor for 'slip' or friction reduction so liquid oils may be a better choice if you have an issue with tangles or breakage.

    A note of caution with oleic acid: it can be comedogenic, is the irritant in seborrhoeic dermatitis, a penetration enhancer and skin barrier disruptor. I have sensitive eczematous skin so limit it.
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    i love shea butter for my hair and skin. i put shea butter on my face at night. i've tried all different kinds of shea. shea butter goes on my skin after every shower.

    cocoa butter is just too hard unless i want to use it as a blemish stick. love the scent tho.

    coastal scents sells a cocoa shea blend but i've never ordered it.
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