I've got a weird question/theory..

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When I first started my hair journey, there was a video I watched about a girl who grew her curly hair out by leaving it straight. She straightened it and let it be straight for as long as itd stay, keeping it as moisturized as possible with oils (I know thats not the best moisturizer or recommended but thats what she did) and then she'd wash and deep treat it and then straighten it again and so on. So she ended up only straightening her hair about once a month. And once she reached the length she desired her hair while curly, she stopped this and began caring for it curly. The heat damage wasnt evident to me whatsoever but she said it was dry for the first little bit, nothing moisturizing and treatments couldn't fix. Anyways, I ramble. My question is, how do you guys think this would work? I hate to give up the curly hair for awhile, but to retain and gain length easier would be worth it for me. I look a lot better with longer hair imo. My take on it would be that the hair would get a lot more of its natural oils while straight since theyd travel down the strands much easier and it gets less tangled, meaning less breakage and knots as well. But I know our hair needs moisture and such. Idk. Its kind of like a protective style. Just like when ladies do braids for a month or any other style to lessen breakage and manipulation? Im not sure, Id like to hear your thoughts on it and if it may work or if im missing something. Cause it sounds good in my head but then again, im still figuring out my curls. Thanks for reading and sorry I rambled!

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    It doesn't sound very protective to me. IMO, your hair will grow at the rate it will grow. Wearing it straight instead of curly won't make it grow any faster. Why not keep it healthy and let it grow at the same rate that it would grow if you had straightened it?
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    My hair tangles very bad. So it ends up breaking or me having to cut out knots, single stranded knots and regular knots. And its only escalated since I moved from Tennessee to Pennsylvania. I recently straightened it, and its so tangle free and easily managed. Opposite of my curly hair.

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    Oils are moisturisers at all, they do not add or increase water. If you moisturise straightened hair it will obviously revert to curly. That is not to say oils are bad for hair: penetrating oils are particularly good for porous hair, other oils can give slip, shine, protection and aid detangling.

    Any high heat is damaging, it's illogical to flat iron hair if your goal is truly healthy length. Not all damage is visible to the naked eye by any means, i would personally describe visibly damaged hair as 'fried'.

    Tangles and knots can denote build up so would be worth clarifying and chelating. Or could be damage or product/ ingredient choice that is not best suited to your hair properties.
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    There are a few no heat ways to straighten or stretch your hair to make it less likely to tangle that I've seen on sites like kinky curly coily me or black girl long hair. The easiest is banding, where you take sections of hair and put hair ties at regular intervals along the length of your hair. It gives nice waves and depending on your section sizes of hair can be easily put in each night.

    Here is a link from a blog post from kinky curly coily me: How to Stretch Natural Hair with NO Heat | KinkyCurlyCoilyMe!
    It features videos on banding, and gives two other methods I believe but could be wrong about.

    Another type of hairstyle that just popped in my head was to try pin curls. The larger your curl the looser your wave, etc. I use those metal roller clips to secure them, making a flat looking coil (think bottom of a woven basket almost in how you want them to lay), then clip them down; put on a scarf, go to bed, and take them out in the morning. I have only tried them on stretched/straightened hair though, so I don't know if they will work as well as other methods if you are prone to frizzies.
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    I believe that it could grow faster straight depending on what you have to put your hair through to straighten it. All I need to do to straighten my hair is a blow dryer and a large round brush. I don't flat iron. I straighten my hair this way about once every few months and it lasts about 3 days, but right before I wash it again after straightening it the length and ends always feel so much healthier. Without gel, the bottom 8-10 inches or so of my hair is always dry and frizzy (with leave in conditioner) even though it is healthy hair. When I straighten it, I use jojoba oil on the ends right after and the length and ends never look dry or frizzy. I don't know about other oils, I only use jojoba or grapeseed.
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    I would also be weary of the damage it could do to you hair. Why risk it? Are extensions completely out of the picture for the time being?

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