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So I'm trying to get on the CG train because I actually do like my natural curls (2c bordering on 3a) and hate blowing out my hair every other morning before work. I tried to go CG a few years ago, but gave up when I ran into the same problem I'm running into now -- I HATE the feeling of cold, wet, gooey hair on my neck and shoulders. My hair is several inches past my shoulders, and after putting the product in it (KKKT and KKCC a few years ago, now I'm trying As I Am LI, Curl Keeper and Batia & Alleza gel) I absolutely dread letting it spread all over my neck and upper back. I know I sound like a lunatic, but I think part of the issue is that I think all the product is going to make me break out. Part of is is just that cold, sticky feeling. Some people have food texture issues - I have hair product texture issues.

How do you guys with long hair deal? I don't love plopping (I find it makes my roots dry kind of crazy) and I'm trying to use my blowdryer less, so I don't think diffusing is the answer. I've even tried keeping a tshirt next to the shower so I can throw it on right before I put product in, but because product tends to work better on sopping wet hair, the shirt soaks through pretty quickly.

Appreciate the advice!


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    That's not weird at all. I absolutely hate drippy wet hair running down my back. Some people whose hair isn't long enough to plop do kind of a mini plop. I think they just kind of scrunch with their microfiber towel but hold it for a few seconds so it really gets the water out, and then gently pump it a few times. I think someone said once they have mini towels they plop with, so they just focus on a small section with each towel. I may not be describing this very well but if you search for something like "I can't plop" you might get some good alternatives.

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    I have long hair and also hate that wet feeling on my shoulders. I add product to soaking wet hair and scrunch it in well, then take a microfiber towel and scrunch section by section to get as much water out as I can. It doesn't hurt the curls and gets a lot of water out. I do plop for a while but you could skip that and just diffuse the ends very briefly on low to get things a little dryer. I haven't noticed any damage from diffusing. If none of that appeals maybe you can tie a silk or satin scarf closely around your neck and shoulders and let your hair rest on that while it dries.
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    Could you try draping a microfiber towel across your shoulders folded in such a way that it can absorb the water from your hair without getting soaked through so easily? I do my styling at the sink with a towel draped like that right after getting out of the shower, so my hair is still soaking wet.
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    I hate that feeling too. What I do is put on my t-shirt first, then scrunch my ends with my microfibre towel so my hair isn't really, really dripping, then apply my product and then I wrap my microfibre towel around my shoulders.

    This stops the water soaking through to my shirt. I leave the towel on for round 15-30 minutes, jut for the initial drying and voila! No damp back :)
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    you guys are amazing, and have some seriously amazing curls! thanks for the help.
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    BOY do I know the feeling. I HATE wet hair. Especially since I'm on the lower end of the porosity spectrum... my hair can take up to 8 hours to dry completely. Eek.

    I think for me diffusing is the only answer... even if I only diffuse 50% it definitely helps cut down drying time to something more reasonable.

    Another thing you could do is get a soft hood bonnet attachement for your dryer like this one.... Hair Flair - Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment

    here's an older thread.

    Low-heat isn't supposed to be damaging to hair. What I like about the soft bonnet option is that you can set it on low and then be hands free for however long it takes to dry your hair.
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    I agree with scrunching out as much water as possible. I super soak and scrunch in product to saturated hair. However, it was taking 2x as long to diffuse... so I started scrunching drippy hair with an old Tshirt. It was cut down diffusing time and actually helps set the curl better. Good luck!
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    Diffusing should not be damaging to the level blowing out or flat ironing is: you use much lower temps, no brushing wet vulnerable hair, don't focus too much on one area, don't go to fully dry. There are various CG friendly ingredients that have proven heat protection properties, from hydrolysed protein to some polyquats to glycerin to propylene glycol.

    Plopping results can vary substantially from fabric to fabric (microfibre, t-shirt, flour sack) and how long you do it for. Scrunching out the excess water with a towel is also an option, as is hand squeezing water out of some areas after applying products but before plopping. Your hair does not need to be dripping when going into the plop.

    Personally I squeeze water out of the canopy but aim to leave the under layers pretty wet as they touch the towel most when plopping. I also wash and style upside down to get volume but also because I hate cold drippy hair on my back.
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