Just have to brag a little bit!

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I am super excited guys. It has been a life long dream for me to have long hair. I have always struggled with growing my hair out because I never really knew how to care for it properly. Well I am super excited because my hair, when stretched, is now touching the tops of my hip bones! Two years ago I had shoulder length hair. I am sooo excited, my goal is tail bone length and now I am getting closer! This is the longest my hair has ever been. Unfortunately though, I had a bad cut this summer and she put a bunch of short choppy layers up on top, so my hair is kind of V shaped from behind. I am going to try to grow it out into all one length. Anyways, I was just so excited that my hair has gotten this long I had to share!! :)
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    Congratulations! Those layers sound frustrating, but I bet you could do some fun half up styles while you're waiting for them to grow out.
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    That us SO cool! You'll probably reach tailbone length in NO time!

    Im hoping to reach hip length some time next year. Im grazing WL now.

    Layers suck...especially when they are too choppy.

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    Just discovering my hair likes protein! :dontknow:


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