I need help finding workout clothes

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I am getting back into exercising after a loooong hiatus. I feel self-concious in the gym clothes I used to wear.

Can anyone reccomend a brand or store with reasonable prices. I do lots of cardio and will soon try spinning, so i need stuff that is good for sweaty people.

Thanks :P
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    Lucy.com (they also have stores everywhere) has quality stuff and they offer substantial discounts if you get on their emailing list.

    Lululemon has great workout stuff. There is one in Manhattan if you're nearbye. Stuff may be considered pricier but it will last you a long,long time - through frequent washes etc. Supercute styles and colors.

    If you're a catalogue shopper - both Title IX and Athletica are great options.
    Hope that helps!
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    For cheap stuff (but still cute and stylish) I swear by Target. All my tank tops and little sweatshirts or whatever to wear home after I work out are from Target.

    Although I do splurge on Nike pants (seriously, they make a difference to me!), and a particular UnderArmour sports bra that holds the girls in place like none other!
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    Ditto on Target!! I get my Champion stuff there and I don't think I could wear any other pants for running.

    I actually got 2 super nice Nike 'cardio' tops at Macy's last week for really cheap. One was only $5.75 marked down from $40 and another was $8.75, plus a Nike jacket for $17 that was $72!! :shock: I don't normally bother with Nike because I think it's over-hyped, but these were too good deals to pass up!
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