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AnsleyBirch13AnsleyBirch13 Posts: 180Registered Users
This weekend I kind of revamped my product regimen, and am now using Spectrum unrefined coconut oil, colorful neutral protein filler, Shea moisture curl enchanting smoothie, and a gel. What order should I use them in to achieve the best results? Thanks:)


  • chloe92uschloe92us Posts: 1,203Registered Users
    I don't know how to use the NPF, but I would seal my ends with coco oil, then the SM smoothie, then gel.
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    Condish: JC Too Shea, Tresemme Botanique
    Stylers: flax/okra gel or KCCC + CJ PP or JC Spiralicious
    Experimenting with Got2B Ultra gel and loving it so far!
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    I've used NPF in my rinse out conditioner and really liked the results. I've also added it to my conditioner and water spray -the jury is still out on that!
    I'm going to go ahead and say 3a
    fine/medium texture and a bit porous-I color
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    Microfiber towel/diffuse
    Trying KKCC