Curly Products: Twisting Products vs Curling Products for Twist-outs

nichelej05nichelej05 Posts: 29Registered Users
I notice a lot of curlies use curling products (gels, butters, custards, etc) for their twist-outs and I also see people that use twisting creams such as As I Am Twist Defining Cream. I would like to know if there is any difference in using the twisting cream over the curling products. Is there a stronger hold? Do you see more definition? Or do you get the same results?


  • KoilsandKurlsKoilsandKurls Posts: 18Registered Users
    I don't like using styling gel for my twists anymore because it's a nuisance having to wash it out so I can restyle. I prefer curling and twisting creams.

    I've tried Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie with great definition and my hair was nice and elongated.

    I like As I Am Twist Defining Cream because it gives me great definition and a nicer hold for my twists, but not as much elongation as Shea Moisture. But it leaves my hair shinier and smoother, while SM gives me softness.

    It really depends on what I'm aiming for tho. If I don't plan on twisting a large section of hair & wash day is coming up, then I'm fine with temporarily using gel. Otherwise I'm all about the twisting and curl creams.
  • nichelej05nichelej05 Posts: 29Registered Users
    Thanks. I've been using my SM CES and Cantu Curling Cream but wondered if my hair would benefit from a product that was formulated or at least marketed for twisted hair styles such as Organic root stimulator twist n loc, As I Am Twist Defining Cream or Cantu Twist n loc. At first I thought these products were for dreads but when I see the label advertising for twists, I get a little confused lol

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