Wonder Woman

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Do you ever have those moments where you do something you're pretty sure won't turn out, but then it does and you just feel like you're Wonder Woman??

My parents are in Cuba this week. They never made it to their hotel, the AC was broken and they were sent to another. The other doesn't have the amenities they had upgraded to in the first, lots of other issues, no one will help or even give them answers. My dad has been texting me about this all along and he's PISSED!!! They only go away a few times a year together, research the heck out of it and really look forward to the time.

So last night I emailed the travel company, told them what was up, how we always use them and hopefully something can be salvaged of this mess. I got a canned response back that I should have an answer in a few weeks.

So then I sent the same letter in a message on FB, had a response from a woman right away and that she would see what she could do. She sends me a message back that she was spoken with their rep down there and will have it dealt with.

Before I can even respond to her, my dad is texting that they are being sent to another hotel for the rest of the trip!

I'm just so elated that I could help them!!! They do so much for me, and this was so simple and I never really thought anything would happen, but turned out great!!!!

Do you ever have the moments?
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    Hey CC, I can't come up with a WonderWoman moment of my own right now but I thought what you did was great! Definitely WonderWoman worthy - terrific! Congrats to you - job well done. :thumbright:
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