Hair doesn't like satin pillowcase?

I've been using a satin pillowcase for a while now. I've always used a cotton one but switched to satin when I realized it was better for your hair. Lately, I notice when I wake up my hair is VERY VERY flat. Even if it was full of volume before I went to bed. I attributed it to buildup at first, but that's not the problem. It's not only flat, but it almost seems like I've literally lost thickness. And no hair comes out in the shower to be causing a loss of thickness. Only a tiny amount in the comb since I've switched shampoos. When I use a cotton pillowcase, this doesn't happen.

Also, what I've noticed and this really concerns me. My hair has been extremely itchy ONLY at the crown area. Last night I slept on the satin pillowcase and I woke up with very itchy hair and then I changed it to a cotton and went back to sleep and woke up and no itching since. Plus the crown area seems to be the flattest/thinnest like I'm losing hair there. Am I allergic to the material or something?

I would think if I was losing hair it would be coming out somewhere. Wouldn't I see it? Something's going on with the pillowcase...


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    Have you washed it? Have you tried any new products recently? Do you use any homemade products? I've only had that itching once.. when I made a batch of FSG with no preservatives and left it on my hair for 3 days. Oops.

    As for flatness, that's normal after sleeping. My hair is extremely flat in the morning. Try fluffing your hair at the roots.
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    Just a thought, but how often are you washing your pillowcase? I know if I use microfiber sheets, I need to wash them more often than regular cotton ones, or my face starts breaking out. It only happens with microfiber sheets, and I'm not normally breakout prone. Since nothing else in my routine had changed when I first tried microfiber sheets, I chalked it up to the microfiber acting different than cotton. Cotton is more absorbent in general than a satin (or silk), so skin oils may be accumulating.
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    Personally, I'm a little mixed on the whole satin/silk thing. I don't have a satin pillow case but I did buy a satin bonnet from Amazon. BUT, I've recently noticed my hair looks a lot more voluminous without it (and I don't tend to get an increase in frizz). So now I just pineapple my hair and sleep on my normal, cotton pillowcase.

    I only use my satin bonnet now when I'm leaving my crunch in until the next day, as it helps preserve the crunch and stops the curls scrunching out in the night.

    So while satin might be really beneficial for some curlies (maybe those in particular that suffer from dryness?) it's definitely not for everyone. If you find you're not having breakage with cotton and your hair isn't drying out, then use it. Do what works for you and gives you the best results.
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    It sounds like your pillowcase may need washing more frequently, or may still have filler (which makes the fabric seem more substantial than it is) which needs to be washed out.

    That said, something sold as being simply "satin" is most likely polyester satin. I would suggest trying sleeping on a silk pillowcase, rather than satin. The qualities of silk satin which make it desirable are qualities of (the fiber) silk far more than they are of (the weave) satin, and polyester satin does not mimic silk in the ways that your hair needs for it to. You can get silk pillowcases for less than $15 from Dharma Trading Co. (NAYY)

    ETA: I don't have a problem with flatness when using a silk pillowcase. It's also better for your skin, as it doesn't leach moisture out.

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    Thank you for all the replies! I do wash it every few days. No homemade products. I'm realizing now it's not the pillowcase. Something is seriously going on with my hair. I went back to my cotton pillowcase and still itching. This all started when I used Curly Sexy Hair shampoo which I've used in the past and didn't appear to have any problems. It was intense constant itching while using that. Now that I've stopped that and switched to Dove, the itching isn't constant but it's still there. It comes and goes and when it does come, it's still intense. Only at the crown area. Maybe a very slight itching occasionally at the scalp but it's majority the crown area. Not only is that going on but like I've mentioned, my hair is majorly thinning. I have to put it all to one side to appear to have any hair at all. It's not coming out. Only a little in the comb but majorly thinning. I am hypothyroid, found out a few months ago but haven't had any problems with thinning hair. This literally all started a few weeks ago and I've been hypothyroid for months. Not only this but my scalp is pink. I posted about that a while back and I attributed that to the shampoo I was using at the time which I thought was irritating it. The pinkness comes and goes and appears to be only down my part. Lastly, I used to be able to go 3-4 days without washing my hair. Now I'm only able to go 2 days and it looks majorly greasy. After 2 days it looks like I haven't washed it in weeks and like I dumped oil on it. Also after 2 days, you can see bald spots on my scalp cause my hair is thinning. Over the past few months, there were plenty of times I thought my hair was thinning but it never was. It was always buildup. I would clarify and back to normal. I've clarified several times now and nothing. It's literally thinning.

    I'm trying to get into the doctor ASAP. My doctor is very hard to get into. Does anybody have any ideas about what is going on? I thought about ringworm but it says it comes in patches and I don't see patches. I'm not using any new products. Everything I'm using I've used in the past. Right now I'm keeping it very simple.
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    Deeeefinitely go see you doc... if it takes a while to get in can I suggest you visit a dermatologist in the meantime?

    I'm not an expert on thyroid issues, but they're associated with hair loss. It could be that it's finally catching up with your hair, so to speak.

    It may not be the products you're using or the pillowcase at all... but keep all factors in mind at this point.

    Get well soon!
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    I agree that it's time to go back to the doc. In the meantime, since it will most likely take time to get seen, perhaps you should consider using a low-poo instead of a sulfate poo, though being primarily along your part sounds like something sprayed on at the end of your routine that your hair is protecting the rest of your scalp from being exposed to.

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    Thank you for all the replies! I do wash it every few days. No homemade products. I'm realizing now it's not the pillowcase. Something is seriously going on with my hair. I went back to ....]

    Blonde Beauty....I feel like you've just written a page about my life, from the dry itchy scalp to the thyroid problem. I was born without a thyroid, so I've been on medication my whole life. I can tell you that balancing hormones is a lifetime challenge (I'm sorry). There is a definite connection between thyroid levels, dry scalp and hair thinning. I would definitely recommend getting your blood tested, and perhaps having them test your cortisol levels (find yourself a good endocrinologist...please note that not all are good). In terms of the itchy dry scalp, I've been dealing with it for years...some stressful months were so bad that my scalp bled from the scratching. Needless to say, my hair was thinning.

    I tried intense medicated dandruff shampoos, and also natural serums but nothing worked permanently.

    Last year, I started using DevaCurl Decadance on a whim to enhance my curly hair, but I was unexpectedly surprised about its affect on my scalp. I've been using it for a year and my scalp is practically healed (with the rare flare-up when hormone levels are off). I want to shout on mountain tops to tell people how happy I am. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will keep working, but it's been the longest lasting "treatment" I've used yet. I really aught to write DevaCurl to thank them and beg them never to stop making it.

    I think that what is happening is it's cleaning without aggravating the "condition" with sulfates etc. Plus it contains extracts, eg. lavender, known to calm the skin. I've also been following their technique by taking time to massage the scalp when washing, and minimizing the use of heating tools. All factors have been helping, I'm sure! However, I know the cleanser itself works because I've been using it on my face too lol (amazing!). I also find it helps to rince sweat off my scalp right after a workout.

    Anyway, I'm a scientist and and I'd love to know if this treatment works for you too....please let me know if you repeat the experiment!