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I use DevaCurl DevaCare no poo and one condition and style with DC volumizing foam, beleave in, curl cream, and ultra defining gel (a mix of two or three at a time). They're pretty good for my hair but its starting to get too expensive for me. Anyone have any suggestions? I want to stick to the same basic ingredients-or lack thereof-but cheaper. Its taken over a year to get my hair healthy again and I'm scared to try new products in it. Plus I'm a recovering product junkie so I wanna be sure before making a purchase. Please help!

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    i no longer use deva products as they dry out my hair, but when i did i bought them at

    $25 off $100+ AYFALL25

    15% off any amount (forget code,check for code)

    shipping -- flat $5 for under $50, $1 for $50 and over.

    shipping is fast, customer service is great.

    now i buy curl junkie products there!

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    Another side of the equation which you might find helpful to look at is that developing your skills at getting multi-day hair decreases the cost of your styling products by half for each day beyond the first that you get.

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    The Yes To.. conditioner line is similar to the One Condition. Personally, I think it's a bit better. :) And definitely cheaper! I like the YTB the best.

    Not sure on replacements for the others though. The Deva styling products left my hair kind of gunky. Although, I just switched to KCCC and absolutely love it for my gel! No gunky feeling here.
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