2b fine, dense, high porosity? hair problems

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Hello everybody :)

Long time lurker here! I'm hoping to find somebody with similar hair to mine, who has perhaps had more luck styling their hair than I have.

I have NEVER had success with my hair. My mom once told me I have the type of hair that needs to be in a pony tail :) My biggest problem is with my canopy layer. While my hair is very curly underneath, it's wavy, frizzy, and broken on top. It's very fine but actually quite dense (hair stylists are always confused by this). Overall, my hair tends to get less curly as the day progresses. It gets very tangled.

I attempted the curly girl method on and off for a few years. The longest I stuck to the method was 6 months and my hair looked horrible haha. The fact is, conditioner weighs my hair down. I need shampoo to remove any product buildup. More often than once a week. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place because I NEED moisture for my dry, frizzy hair, but whenever I use enough moisturizing product to combat frizz, my curls tend to straighten and look weighed down (and greasy!) So I use a little less, and then my hair is a big frizz on top and it doesn't even look like I've used any product at all.

I'm currently using Burt's Bees Gud Shampoo, then combing in Pantene Pro V Volumizing conditioner (love that stuff). Then I rinse, wrap in a towel for a few minutes, then rake L.A Looks NutraCurl hair gel, then scrunch, then finish with Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Smoothing Cream on my top layer and ends. Then I air dry.

Can someone please tell me about a miracle product to get bouncy, full, curly/wavy hair that shines and is full of life and enviable by all? :)

If not that, any helpful tips would be appreciated! (including hair cuts/styles that might help me)

p.s. I'm also allergic to DMDM Hydantoin (a formaldehyde releaser) that tends to be in most commercial curly hair products so I tend to lean more towards natural/organic products.


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    Hey ellbrady
    The only thing I can suggest is maybe remove the towel wrapping. Have you tried plopping in an old t-shirt?
    You may be stretching your waves and cresting frizz with the towel.
    I scrunch with an old t-shirt as my hair is just past chin length. I plop occasionally when I find my waves are getting a bit limp.
    I have fine, high density hair asxwell and I can't use curl creams. They just weigh doen my hair. I use FSG. I make it at home. It is really moisturizing so I can use it as my only product.
    I struggle with liking the way my hair looks and I think us wavys are always wushing for more curl or straight hair so we don't have all this frustration. I'm sure you look beautiful. Keep positive. :)

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    I have 2B hair as well, and what you describe sounds a lot like my hair. I don't co-wash. I have to rotate products a lot. My faves are CJ Daily Fix, JC Gentle Lather, CJ Repair Me conditioner in winter/CJ Beauticurls Strengthening condish in warm weather, a curling jelly like HETT or KCCC, followed by some BRHG in frizzy areas or Pravana Curves Curl Enhancer. I scrunch out the crunch either with nothing or with CJ Curls in a Bottle.
    Yeah, it's a lot, but you asked!:toothy7:
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    I also never use a regular towel; only an Acquis towel or a t-shirt to scrunch after gel.
    2a or b, highlighted, fine hair but lots of it
    Modified CG since 6/11

    Low Poo: CJ Daily Fix
    Co-Wash: DevaCurl No Poo
    Rinse Out: CJ Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner or Deva One C
    DT: CJ Rehab
    Stylers: Deva Heaven in Hair as a Leave-in, followed by Arc Angel
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    @wavyone nice advice I'm a little more curly 2cish 3aish right now but I've been using microfiber and it may be a culprit. I second fsg though. OP are you a butter or oil sealer?

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    Oils to seal, rinse, and/or pre-poo as needed :love10:

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    Your hair sounds A LOT like mine. That's a first!!! I can def. appreciate the thirsty but easily weighed down hair dilemma! So... here's a wall of text. Hopefully something in here is helpful! :)

    Lets start with the cut as that is kind of the origin story of our hair for the however-long-you-get-it-cut. A stylist who understands curly hair can cut your hair in such a way that the curl can coil properly.

    2nd: shower time. I wash every day or every other day. Due to silky soft fine-ness of our locks, if your skin gets oily (mine does) then it feels/looks gross. To extend your wash- try using a dry shampoo at night, so the product has time to absorb oil and the white powdery residue is gone. Not a new trick, but.. I switched to conditioning first and shampooing second: allows use of a heavier conditioner (I like the huge tub of Biolage conditioning balm), and it can sit on your hair for longer. Immediately condition after setting foot in the shower, then body wash/exfoliate/shave and finally rinse conditioner and quickly lather the roots with a gentle cleansing shampoo. Le DONE. This was a game changer for my hair, sometimes I switch back and idk, my hair is just noticeably limper.

    Try drying your hair with a cotton T-shirt. Terry cloth is notorious for frizzing up the place, and FYI microfiber towels tend to suck too much moisture out of hair. IMO, cotton T can absorb the water without robbing hair of moisture.

    DIY hair mask: sleep with coconut oil in your hair (and a cap if you don't want to make a mess). It washes out easily (1 shampoo for me, some need 2), and my hair is always shinier & more manageable that day but not heavy (if you wash it all out).

    Catwalk has a Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier that does a pretty good job at defining, adding shine and not weighing hair down. It's also not drying. A LITTLE goes a long way. Not sure if you can use this due to your allergy.

    I plop my hair in a t-Shirt and sleep in it or let it air dry. If I wash in the am, I try to let it air dry 80-90% before blow-drying. Since you just air dry this shouldn't be an issue.

    On dry hair, I might spritz a light leave in conditioner -- sometimes directly onto my hands, rub together and scrunch into hair where needed.

    Other factors: How dry is the air where you live? You can use a humidifier to help add moisture to your hair. Sometimes I hold my ends over it for a few seconds and scrunch. I also own a FACE steamer, which I primarily use on my hair. Because it's meant for use on the face, the moisture is not too hot. If you try using steam on hair BE CAREFUL. Using a clothing steamer or other tool not intended for use on skin/hair could be scalding hot and cause very serious burns. There are also hair steamers out there (I've never used) but my facial steamer was considerably less expensive and like I said, safe for use on skin, so, boom. The face-steamer does a really nice job of reviving bounce and makes my hair look shiny & moisturized.

    Lastly, some people have a lot of luck with silk/satin pillow cases. Think it keeps hair from rubbing together too much at night but I could be wrong.

    These are my best tricks. Afterward my hair looks fluffy (like, big for fine hair but not frizzy?) with varying levels of definition, depending on the day/weather. Some days it's curlier than others. Go figure.

    Hope this helps.
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    Your hair sounds a lot like mine too. :/ but mine is a frustrating cross between 2b and 2c. What I do is....

    1) wash my hair every other day with Hask coconut honey shampoo and conditioner (itll say curl on the bottle)

    *I comb the conditioner through my hair with my fingers in the shower.

    2) wrap my hair in a T-shirt. And I like to leave it in the t-shirt for an hour or so.

    3) after I take the t-shirt off my hair, I put leave in conditioner (focusing on the ends and the middle section of my hair) then I take a little bit of Aragon oil and apply it like I did for the leave in conditioner. (Wash your hands after so you don't touch the roots with oily fingers)

    4) then I apply "World of curls" curl activating gel and scrunch it into my hair in an upward motion. Ends to roots. (This product doesn't leave you with crunchy, gross feeling in your hair. Your hair will still be soft and moveable.) Keep scrunching till your satisfied with it or it can't be scrunched anymore.

    5) then I leave it down and don't touch it for like 30 min. Then after that I pineapple it until it dries. Then I very gently take it down and massage my scalp causing my hair to fall where it wants. Don't touch it afterwards. :)

    I also use rolled hair ties to keep from getting the creases while I pineapple. And I sleep with a satin pillowcase. To revive, I use a spray bottle with water, and scrunch more "World of curl" gel into my hair, leave it down for 30 min, pineapple till it dries, and then take it down.

    I hope this helps. I'm sure your hair is beautiful! Don't give up.
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    My hair is 2b/c fine but dense as well...a couple things I can suggest is using a microfiber towel on your hair (I use the Deva Towel) or a t-shirt.

    Also, your hair might be craving protein. Look for products that contain it or do a protein deep treatment such as Curl Junkie's Repair Me or Devacurl's Deep Sea Repair mask.
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    What is fsg? I'm still pretty new to this! Thanks.
  • WavyKfromNJWavyKfromNJ Posts: 853Registered Users Curl Virtuoso
    FSG = flax seed gel. You can buy some on etsy or make your own. There are lots of recipes on the web.

    I also have very fine hair and an oil pre-poo helps a lot. My hair needs products that it can absorb and not just lay on top and weigh it down. I also need to wash more than once a week and do regular deep conditioning

    Here is a great post about hair and oil. You may need to experiment coconut oil is popular but not for everybody
    Science-y Hair Blog: Oil Pre-Shampoo or Pre-Wash (And how to make it work for YOUR hair)
    (She also has a FSG recipe)
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