Miss jessies leave in conditioner

kinkycurlyDTkinkycurlyDT Posts: 380Registered Users
Right now miss jessies is having a 40% off sale with FREE shipping. I thought I would take this opportunity to finally try the brand new leave in conditioner. Anyone tried it yet? Pro's? Con's? I've tried the other stylers and cremes, and they didn't really do anything for my hair. Not to mention the price was enough to make me stop using them


  • naturalyogininaturalyogini Posts: 430Registered Users
    I have it. And all I can say is...thank goodness I only paid $6.40 for it. It really coats the hair. Did not detangle my hair at all AND did not have enough slip and moisture for me. It is in the back of my closet. The only MJ product that works for me is Rapid Recovery.
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