Not sure what my hair is

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Its definitely a 2, probably 2a but I started CG 4 days ago and seeing more waviness. Very thick, normal/low porosity, normal/coarse. I bleached my hair twice, used a semi permanent dye, then stripped the color, bleached it again, different semi permanent dye. And then dyed my top layers Brown. So it is VERY damaged and I think CG is a good first step to healthier hair. It grows fast so hopefully it won't take long to have all new hair..

I haven't seen a lot of baby pictures, the ones I have seen were when I was 2-5 with very long hair that was still curly. And I'm hoping to get back to that. Anyways the first picture (orange shirt) was after my shower and scrunching in some "curl spray gel" , the other two are from about an hour later.

My underlayers and the sides of my hair don't hold wave as well.


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    Right now, I would say your hair is 2a, with definite 2b potential. The problem is all that damage. Which would usually make you high porosity, by the way.

    Your curl pattern will get a little tighter as your hair gets healthier and you learn more about what products you like. Keep in mind that hormones can influence your curl pattern, so you may not fully return to texture your hair had as a toddler.
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