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Hello! I am new to this forum and the no poo method. About a year ago I tried the no poo (or cg method) for the first time. I did it for a little over a month with inconsistent results. Some days it looked great, most days, not so much. After a little over a month, I still had not found the holy grail of products and technique and got discouraged. (It was around my birthday so I decided to straighten my hair for pictures and almost all of my friends and family commented how great my hair looked :( ) So, now I am starting all over again. Determined to find a way to tame this hair of mine. My hair is definitely wavy, but I have yet to find a way to have it dry and look nice. I just started today. Did a clarifying wash with Neutrogena Anti-Residue. Followed with a co-wash with Devacurls No poo, and conditioned with Deva curls One condition. Used IOS Bounce creme and La looks gel and let air dry. I get decent definition, but a lot of frizz. Is this just because I am new to the no poo method? Or because I need to experiment with other products? Thank you! :)
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    I was browsing around here and noticed your question didn't get an answer... I was not here then but I'm wondering what happened, if you continued with CG or gave it up. Perhaps after the straightening what your hair really needed was some protein, but it could've been over-moisturized. I see that you started out using several products but IMO it's best to keep it simple at the beginning as one can overdo things, it's also harder to tell why the routine is not working if you use too many products at once.
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    Idk how much straightening you've been doing but it takes a while for your hair to bounce back. I'd go get a good deep conditioner (maybe Shea Moisture one) and leave that on for a few minutes in the shower and then rinse out.

    As far as products go, Shea Moisture has some really nice ones with clean ingredients. Also, I've been loving the DevaCurl light defining gel.

    It takes a bit of experimentation. I myself just started CG as well and so am finding myself on the hunt for new products as well!
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