Need Help Finding Replacement for Biolage Conditioning Balm

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Hi--Hope someone can help me. I'm a type 3a(in summer/more humid weather)-2c(in winter/less humid weather) & formerly used "Biolage Conditioning Balm" as my main conditioner & LOVED it. Since they changed the formula a while back it just makes my hair limp & very frizzy with absolutely no curl formation. I bought up a bunch of the old stuff before it was gone once I realized they were changing it & still have a little left but it's going fast. I've tried the GVP version of Biolage Balm from Sally but it kind of makes my hair feel "coated" rather than conditioned & tends to kill the curl. With the old version of Biolage my curls were very bouncy & shiny (would even give me some curl formation in winter/low humidity). If anyone can suggest anything that they've found that is similar to the Biolage I'd really, really appreciate it. Thanks!


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    Have you tried GVP Conditioning Balm from Sally's? It is a generic version of Biolage's product ... but I think it is based on the older formula. I personally love it!!

    GVP Conditioning Balm: Compare to Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm
    Finally have a routine that works :toothy5:

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    Stylers - GF Pure Clean Gel, BTZ Noodle Head, LA Looks Sports Gel, Eco Styler Krystal, KCCC (I am a product junkie ;-) )

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    Maybe tressemme? Or suave professionals?

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    Are you looking for stuff you can pick up on the ground or would you be open to ordering online? My favorite RO is Darcy's Botanicals pumpkin seed conditioner - it's a super thick consistency (similar to the conditioning balm) and very moisturizing. I'v also been trying the Elucence Moisture Balancing conditioner, which is not as thick but still seems to be pretty moisturizing. Both of these I had to order online. If you are looking for something on the ground, a second the suggestion of Tresseme Naturals nourishing moisture.
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